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Coming in a wide range of varieties, poutine is a dish that is distinctly Canadian, specifically from French-speaking Quebec, but has made its way to becoming beloved all around the world! 

History of National Poutine Day

Poutine has a rich history that is a bit hard to pin down – sort of like the ingredients in the dish itself! It was rumored to have been invented in Quebec in the 1950s, when a customer requested squeaky cheese curds on top of his French fries.

Originally served in a paper bag, the food is rumored to have evolved to include ketchup and vinegar, and then later gravy to keep it warm. Other similar stories have been told, but the origins of this plate of gravy-soaked fries are really less important than the fact that it deserves to be celebrated.

In recent years, poutine has become a foundation for a number of different dishes and varieties, some that are approved of and some that Canadians find appalling. For instance, Italian poutine is topped with spaghetti sauce, Spicy poutine has Tabasco sauce in the gravy, and Galvaude poutine contains shredded chicken and peas.

National Poutine Day has been celebrated for more than a decade, and rumor has it that it was founded in 2014 by film producer and restaurant owner Danny Rodriguez of Smoke’s Poutinerie in California. While some people seem to celebrate on March 5th, it seems to be more commonly observed on April 11. Of course, no die-hard poutine fans should be stopped from celebrating twice!

How to Celebrate National Poutine Day

Show some love for this deliciously messy pile of gravy soaked fries and celebrate National Poutine Day in some of these fun ways:

Enjoy Eating Poutine

Those who live near a place that serves poutine (and who in Canada doesn’t?!) might want to head over to order some up at a local restaurant. The good news, however, is that just about anyone, even those with very low culinary skills, can probably whip up a batch of poutine at home.

Hop online to search up a recipe that includes pre-made frozen French fries, along with some cheese curds and a simple gravy sauce. Grab a friend to share it with because it’s a delight to enjoy in honor of National Poutine Day!

Learn and Share Fun Facts About Poutine 

Increase the hype about this delicious and delightful dish by sharing some interesting bits of trivia with friends, family members or co-workers in honor of National Poutine Day. Or, even better, head over to social media and make a post that shares photos or some of these fun facts to get others involved in the day:

  • In 2019, the town of Warwick, Quebec in Canada beat the Guinness World Record for the largest poutine, weighing in at more than 3000 kilos (over 6600 pounds)

  • Though it was invented in the 1950s, the word poutine didn’t make it into Webster’s dictionary until 2014

  • The name for poutine loosely means ‘mess’ or ‘hot mess’, but also may have originated from a local word for ‘pudding’

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