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Celebrating the water sources that can be found on ranches? No! Don’t be ridiculous. This is a day that is observed to show appreciation for and commemorate an iconic cocktail based in Texas. 

History of National Ranch Water Day

Ranch Water is sort of the Texas version of a skinny Margarita, made with a mix of tequila, lime and soda water. Sometimes referred to as the “Unofficial Cocktail of West Texas”, this drink is often enjoyed in the same way a sugarless margarita would be, with a crisp and refreshing taste but without all of the sugary sweetness (and calories).

National Ranch Water Day was founded in 2021 by the folks over at RANCH2O Sprits, a company that wanted to celebrate this drink and also promote their own canned, pre-mixed version. The brand’s tagline is the maker of “canned cocktails with a Texas spirit”. Don’t forget to enjoy this day responsibly!

How to Celebrate National Ranch Water Day

Have fun and observe National Ranch Water Day with some fun ideas for celebrating:

Try a Texas Ranch Water Cocktail

For those who live in Texas and are familiar with this drink, it’s super easy to find ways to enjoy National Ranch Water Day! But even outside of the largest state in the “lower 48”, many bartenders will be familiar with how to make the Ranch Water Cocktail. Perhaps it would be a good idea to don some cowboy boots or dress like a ranch hand and then head on over to a bar to order up a Ranch Water cocktail served with a lime wedge.

Those who have access to them might want to grab some canned versions of the Ranch Water mixed drink at the liquor store or the local grocery store. People who are fans of canned hard seltzer drinks might find that this drink has a bit of a similar taste with some agave-lime hints!

Try Making Ranch Water at Home

It’s easy to play bartender and have some fun in honor of National Ranch Water Day! The most basic recipe for this Texas based cocktail includes only three ingredients and is almost impossible to get wrong.

Start with a rocks glass filled with ice, add 3 ounces of blanco tequila, then one shot of freshly squeezed lime juice. Top with chilled sparkling mineral water (approximately six ounces), perhaps a brand like Topo Chico. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Make Ranch Water More Unique

Those who are interested in getting more creative with this traditional beverage on National Ranch Water Day might choose to infuse their drink with some special flavors. Get creative and experiment at home or check out some of these variations:

  • Ranch Water with a Zested Rim. Use margarita salt and fresh lime zest for the rim.
  • Citrus Ranch Water. Substitute the lime juice with grapefruit juice for a tangy flavor, and garnish with an orange or blood orange wedge.
  • Kicky Ranch Water. Enjoy this drink with a spicy kick by adding sliced jalapenos into the mix.

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