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National Produce Misting Day brings attention to the simple yet powerful technology that keeps our fruits and vegetables fresh.

This special day highlights the importance of misting systems, which help extend the shelf life of produce, ensuring that we can enjoy crisp, vibrant, and nutritious food every day.

By keeping fruits and vegetables hydrated, misting maintains their quality and visual appeal, making our grocery shopping experience more enjoyable.

The celebration of National Produce Misting Day also underscores the benefits for both consumers and retailers.

Misted produce stays fresh longer, reducing waste and improving customer satisfaction. Shoppers find appealing, nutrient-rich produce on store shelves, which is vital for a healthy diet.

Retailers benefit from fewer spoiled items and happier customers, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved​​.

Furthermore, this day is a great reminder of how misting technology supports sustainable farming practices. By optimizing irrigation and reducing crop waste, misting systems help farmers grow healthier plants and increase their harvests.

This approach benefits the environment by conserving water and boosts agricultural productivity, making fresh produce more accessible to all​.

History of National Produce Misting Day

National Produce Misting Day began in 2018, thanks to the Corrigan Corporation of America. This day celebrates and shares the story behind the innovative engineering of producing misting systems.

Jack Corrigan, who had a background in civil engineering and ran a produce market, invented the first automatic produce misting system in 1979.

This invention revolutionized how grocery stores maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables​​.

Before these systems existed, grocery stores faced significant challenges in keeping produce fresh. They used labor-intensive methods like soaking burlap sacks and laying them overproduce to retain moisture. Jack Corrigan’s invention simplified this process, making it more efficient and effective.

His son, Mike Corrigan, later helped bring these systems to market, ensuring that more stores could benefit from this technology​​.

The introduction of automatic misting systems had a profound impact. It reduced food waste, kept produce looking fresh, and allowed a greater variety of foods to be available in stores.

By extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, these systems improved the shopping experience, supported better nutrition, and lessened the environmental impact of food waste​.

How to Celebrate National Produce Misting Day

Mist Your Own Produce

Celebrate by setting up a mini misting system at home. Use a spray bottle to mist your fruits and veggies gently. This keeps them fresh and fun to eat, and it adds a bit of garden glamour to your kitchen!

Visit Your Local Grocer

Head to your nearest grocery store and appreciate the misting system in action. Chat with the produce manager about how misting keeps the produce fresh.

Snap a few photos and share them on social media with a fun caption.

Host a Fresh Produce Party

Invite friends over for a fresh produce party. Make salads, smoothies, and veggie platters featuring misted fruits and vegetables. It’s a delicious way to celebrate and enjoy healthy snacks with good company.

Create a Misting Art Project

Get crafty and create a misting-themed art project. Draw or paint pictures of misted fruits and vegetables. Display your art in the kitchen or share it online to inspire others to appreciate fresh produce.

Try Unusual Recipes

Pick up some exotic fruits or vegetables from the store and try out new recipes. Use the misting system to keep your ingredients fresh while you cook up something adventurous.

It’s a tasty way to celebrate and expand your culinary skills​.

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