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National Report Long Term Acute Care Hospital Fraud Day highlights the importance of exposing and combating fraud in healthcare.

The event emphasizes the significant impact of Medicare fraud on both the healthcare system and taxpayers.

It calls attention to the methods used by some long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) to exploit the system. These fraudulent activities include overbilling, unnecessary medical procedures, and falsifying patient stay lengths to meet reimbursement requirements​.

This day is celebrated to educate the public on recognizing and reporting fraud. Raising awareness about these deceptive practices helps protect patients and ensures they receive the care they need.

The public learns about the steps for reporting fraud, including the benefits and risks involved.

Encouraging people to report fraud contributes to safeguarding the integrity of medical practice and preventing misuse of Medicare funds​.

By spreading information about Medicare fraud, the event aims to create a more transparent healthcare system. It also highlights the crucial role of whistleblowers, who can receive substantial rewards for their efforts.

Overall, National Report Long Term Acute Care Hospital Fraud Day fosters a community effort to maintain ethical standards in healthcare and protect public funds​.

History of National Report Long Term Acute Care Hospital Fraud Day

National Report Long Term Acute Care Hospital Fraud Day began in 2017. Joel D. Hesch, a former Department of Justice employee, created it.

He aimed to fight against Medicare fraud and support whistleblowers. Hesch’s efforts helped recover $1.5 billion from fraudulent activities while he worked in the government​.

After leaving his government job, Hesch started his firm. His firm focuses on helping whistleblowers report fraud. He also wrote a free e-book and set up a website to guide people on how to report Medicare fraud properly.

The day raises awareness about the serious issue of fraud in long-term acute care hospitals. It encourages people to recognize and report fraudulent activities, aiming to protect patients and ensure the integrity of healthcare practices​.

How to Celebrate National Report Long Term Acute Care Hospital Fraud Day

Host a Fraud Awareness Party

Throw a fun fraud awareness party with friends and family! Decorate with informative posters about Medicare fraud.

Share stories and watch videos on how to detect and report fraud. Serve some themed snacks like “Fraud-Free Fritters” or “Integrity Ice Cream.” This will be a memorable and educational gathering!

Share on Social Media

Use the power of social media to spread the word. Create eye-catching posts about National Report Long Term Acute Care Hospital Fraud Day.

Use hashtags like #FightFraud and #MedicareAwareness to reach a broader audience. Sharing articles and tips will help educate your network.

Quiz Time!

Organize a quiz on fraud awareness. Create questions about identifying and reporting Medicare fraud. To keep it exciting, offer small prizes for the winners. This can be a great way to learn while having fun.

Read and Learn

Dive into some reading material. Check out Joel D. Hesch’s free e-book on reporting Medicare fraud. Gather more information from reliable websites and books.

Knowledge is power, and understanding the issue deeply helps fight it better.

Report and Reward

Encourage others to report any suspicious activities. Highlight the importance of whistleblowing and the potential rewards.

Provide clear steps on how to report fraud properly. Emphasizing the benefits can motivate people to take action.

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