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Many people don’t realize that something they do almost every day – driving a motor vehicle – causes more deaths than murder and terrorism combined. This is a tragic occurrence that brings many challenges, especially because many of these deaths might be preventable – through following road rules, reducing speed, wearing seatbelts or helmets, and more responsible actions. 

National Road Victim Month is a somber occasion that is here to remind drivers, pedestrians, and communities about the important steps they can take every day that could save lives by avoiding motor vehicle accidents. In addition, the event seeks to honor road victims and act in support of their families and loved ones.

History of National Road Victim Month

This month was first designated as National Road Victim Month after the tragic accident that caused the death of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997. In addition, the event also commemorates the first death in the UK by a motor vehicle when Bridget Driscoll (a pedestrian) was killed in 1896.

National Road Victim Month was founded by the folks at RoadPeace, which is a charitable organization in the UK that focuses on the support of road crash victims. The work of this organization dates back to 1992 when it was established by Brigitte Chaudhry, a mother whose son was killed in a motor vehicle accident by a red light offender.

In the United States, this event is referred to as National Traffic Awareness Month and also takes place in August. In Australia, National Road Safety Week is celebrated in early May. In India, National Road Safety Month takes place from late January to early February.

How to Celebrate National Road Victim Month

Take National Road Victim Month as a reminder to pay special attention to safety and be a cautious driver. Consider some of these ideas for observing this month and get creative with other ideas as well:

Always Drive Safely

Perhaps the most important activity that anyone can engage in to celebrate National Road Victim Month is to be a safe and attentive driver! No matter how long a person has had their driver’s license, it’s always good to have reminders about safety procedures and protocols. Consider some of these good driving tips and principles as a reminder all throughout this month as well as the rest of the year:

  • Follow all road rules and signs – brush up on them regularly
  • Pay attention to the posted speed limit
  • Avoid distracted driving including cell phones, loud music and more
  • Always watch for pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles in crosswalks, on curbs, near the edges of sidewalks and other roadside spaces

Share National Road Victim Month Resources

An excellent want to get involved with National Road Victim Month is to get the community more aware and involved through personal connections, businesses and other spheres of influence. As sponsor of the event, the RoadPeace website offers tools and resources, such as shareable graphics for social media. 

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