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Show some love to the folks who take care of the books, resources, quiet space and much more that comes along with the school library. Get ready to celebrate National School Librarian Day! 

History of National School Librarian Day

The first school libraries in the United States were likely formed in one-room school houses during colonial times when the teachers would keep a few books in the school for children to have access to, whether young children learning how to read or older children doing research. Records show that Benjamin Franklin recommended libraries as a key element for schools, and when the Penn Charter School was formed in Philadelphia in 1744, its design included a special room to be designated for use as a library.

In 1900, the first professionally trained school librarian in the country, Mary Kingsbury, was appointed to run the Erasmus High School library in Brooklyn, New York. After the decades of growth of public library systems in communities, educational facilities also began considering their need for professionals to manage their school and campus libraries.

National School Librarian Day seeks to show respect and admiration for these women and men who equip the students and school staff with the resources they need in the education process!

How to Celebrate National School Librarian Day

Show appreciation for all of the hard work that school librarians do for the students and other staff members by celebrating this day. There could be many different ways to participate in National School Librarian Day, including some of these ideas:

Thank a School Librarian

Cards, thank you-notes, and small gifts can all be ways to show appreciation to someone in honor of National School Librarian Day. Parents and students alike (depending on their age) can get involved with the day by throwing a surprise appreciation party, sending flowers, delivering a favorite cup of coffee or some other small gift that can make a big deal out of how much work school librarians do!

Donate Books to a Library

Most people who work as school librarians are big advocates of reading for people of any age. Perhaps National School Librarian Day would be a good motivation for donating some of those gently used books to a local school library or public library so they can make a difference in the life of someone else who can borrow them from the library and read them for free.

Support the School Library

In addition to donating used books, it’s also possible to make a financial contribution to the local school library in honor of this day. Or, make an even bigger impact and host a fundraiser that will provide financial support specifically for a public school library! This allows school librarians to do more with the budget they are given, providing more books, magazines, technology or other resources. This can be a relief to school librarians who want to help the students who genuinely need resources but might not get them if school library budgets are limited.

Other similar Days of the Year events that can be celebrated throughout the year include National Library Week in early April, National Library Lover’s Day and National Library Card Sign Up Month, which takes place in September.  

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