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Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Mathematics. These spaces continue to grow at a rapid pace and they are strongly influential in changing the culture of the world.

With the acronym STEM or STEAM (Art is a newer addition), these academic disciplines are often grouped together as they have strong similarities in education, policy, workforce and more. And National STEM/STEAM Day is what it’s all about.

History of National STEM/STEAM Day

National STEM/STEAM Day was founded in 2015 by MGA Entertainment, with the intention of inspiring and encouraging students to be more involved in these fields of education, study and work. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics have historically been underrepresented by women and by minorities, so the day is especially targeted toward these groups of people.

In today’s world, STEM occupations count for approximately 7% of the jobs in the United States, and this is likely to continue to grow. In fact, these roles play an important part in the country’s ability to remain competitive in the global marketplace in fields like medical science, engineering, sociology, information security and much more.

Celebrate and enjoy National STEM/STEAM Day by taking part in community activities and encouraging those who might want to become mathematicians, engineers, scientists, and artists!

How to Celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day

National STEM/STEAM Day is not only about celebrating this day, but it’s about building a better tomorrow by encouraging those scientists, artists and engineers of the future. Observe the day by implementing some of these ideas:

Sign Up for a STEAM Course

Since the main thrust of National STEM/STEAM Day is related to education, this is the perfect time to pursue an interest in taking a class in one of these fields of discipline. Pick up a science class at the local community college. Join in an online mathematics course. Or take an interesting art class in the community–just for fun!

Encourage Kids in STEM/STEAM Pursuits

Those who have influence over kids’ lives should pay special attention to National STEM/STEAM Day. Encourage them in their scientific interests. Nudge them along as they pursue art. Or keep them motivated as they show a penchant for inventing weird things.

Whether it’s taking a special science class at school, joining in on the local Lego technology club, or going to math camp in the summer, kids who have the support of the adults in their lives are much more likely to keep going in the field of STEM/STEAM.

Visit a Science or Art Museum

Learn, grow and experience the world of science, engineering, art and more by visiting a local museum in honor of National STEM/STEAM Day. Try out one like the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago or the Grohmann Museum located at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Or head to Manhattan in New York City to experience the MoMath (National Museum of Mathematics). And while in New York, pop on over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s a fun way to celebrate the day!

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