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Being able to balance academics along with athletics while in school or college is no small feat. National Student Athlete Day is here to show some recognition and appreciation for the students who work hard to maintain balance, going above and beyond with their experience! 

History of National Student Athlete Day

Since the late 1800s when intercollegiate and intramural sports were started, and then in 1906 when they became more official through the organization of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association (IAA), colleges have been leading the way in organized sports and athletics. Over the years, high schools have also added incredible athletic programs to their extra-curricular activities, encouraging health and physical fitness while promoting character and team-building skills.

Now, each year approximately 8 million student athletes will compete in high school sports whether on a team or as an individual. And nearly half-million will go on to compete in collegiate sports and athletic activities. Athletic programs such as football, basketball, softball, track & field, and so many others foster excellent athletes who are simultaneously balancing their academic lives as well.

Founded in 1987, National Student Athlete Day was designed with the purpose of honoring and celebrating the outstanding achievements of both high school and college students whether on the playing field or in the classroom. The day was started in the US by the Consortium for Athletics and Sports and has grown throughout more than three decades of annual celebrations.

How to Celebrate National Student Athlete Day

Hip, Hip, Hooray! It’s time for National Student Athlete Day! Get on board and make plans to cheer on some student athletes by celebrating this special event with some of these ideas:

Congratulate a Student Athlete

An excellent way to get involved and excited about National Student Athlete Day is to show some appreciation and support to one in your life. Those who have a student athlete in their family or friend group can make a big deal about their accomplishments in honor of National Student Athlete Day. Take them out for lunch or have a special dinner at home, decorate their room or locker, or treat them to another thing they love in support of their hard work.

Support Student Athlete Events

Consider attending local games or matches where student athletes play at the high school or collegiate level and showing some team spirit. Almost the whole year through there are local student sports teams competing in various sports. It might be fun to dress in the school’s colors and cheer the team on or even post fan pics on social media to show support to these incredible young people in honor of National Student Athlete Day.

Join the Athletic Boosters Club

Parents and teachers of student athletes can join the local athletic booster club to get even more involved with National Student Athlete Day. This might include hosting recognition ceremonies, helping out with fund-raising events to pay for uniforms or other costs, or simply making posters for the game to let the students know that they are part of something bigger than themselves!

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