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National Pajama Day might just be the comfiest, coziest day of the year. This celebration means taking pleasure in wearing pajamas, and not just for sleeping.

Whether they’re called pajamas, jim-jams, PJs, or jammies doesn’t really matter. This day gives a good reason to stay in everyone’s favorite sleepwear all day – no apologies or excuses are needed!

This day is a great excuse to enjoy the relaxed comfort of showing off a favorite set of pajamas, breaking the norms of typical dress code. Participating in National Pajama Day is also worthwhile to remind everyone about the importance of relaxing. Some say it is the perfect day to take a break from the hustle culture faced in everyday interactions.

Whatever the reason for enjoying National Pajama Day, feel free to enjoy this dressed-down day.

History of National Pajama Day

The historical founding of National Pajama Day is as casual as the day itself. It’s not linked to any particular event. It’s just a whimsical holiday to celebrate the comfort of pajamas.

Pajamas came to Western culture from South Asia, primarily India. The word pajama, sometimes spelled pyjama, traces back to two Hindi words: “pae” or “pai” means leg, and “jama” means garment; together, they mean leg garment

The original pajamas in Asia were loose-fitting trousers made from lightweight fabric — often silk or fine cotton — with comfortable drawstring waistbands.

The style arrived in Europe after British colonists sent them home from the East in the 18th and 19th centuries. The British enjoyed the comfort of the lightweight sleepwear and gradually replaced the traditional nightshirt with this new loungewear option. They exported the style throughout their territories and colonies, quickly becoming beloved by all. 

The twentieth century ushered in a new era of pajamas as a fashion statement. Pajamas became a favorite loungewear. Fancy lounging pajamas became part of the culture, even adopted by style icon Coco Chanel. After World War II, manufacturers began to make them at scale, offering myriad fabrics (like flannel, a modern-day favorite) and bright colors and prints. Children’s styles evolved to feature fun characters and cartoons.

Today, folk enjoy pajamas in many styles, colors, and an immense range of fabrics. They are part of pop culture and can even make a stylish statement.

In 2004, PajamaGram, a leading pajama manufacturer, asked, “Why not celebrate this uniquely comfy style statement?” Thus, National Pajama Day was born.

How to Celebrate National Pajama Day

Host a Pajama Day Fashion Show

Host a fun-filled fashion show where everyone can flaunt their unique pajamas. Include categories like Funniest Pajamas, Most Elegant Sleepwear, or Best Print PJs. Set up a runway where all can strut their stuff. Give out some fun prizes for the category winners, even award a grand prize.

Pajama Movie Marathon

Host a movie night featuring friends’ or family’s favorite films. Create a cozy spot complete with pillows and blankets. Don’t forget to serve up some hot, buttery popcorn! Put up some movie-themed decorations. Want to make the party last? Play some movie trivia games after watching the film.

Breakfast for Dinner

Pull a switch-a-roo on the day’s meals. National Pajama Day is the best day of the year to enjoy breakfast foods for dinner. All in PJs, of course. Pancakes, waffles, and scrambled eggs taste even better in the evening! Add a twist to the meal by having a pancake decorating contest.

Pajama Dance Party

Crank up some tunes and have a dance party in pajamas. It’s a great way to have fun and even sneak in a little bit of exercise! Create a playlist with everyone’s favorite dance tracks, and even challenge someone to a dance battle to showcase some mad dancing skills.

Pajama Day Charity Drive

Start a pajama donation drive to benefit a local school, homeless shelter, or other worthy charity. Invite people to give new or gently used pajamas to those who are less fortunate, or even combine a Pajama Day drive with other events, like the dance party or movie marathon.

Virtual Pajama Party

For groups who can’t celebrate in person, a virtual pajama party via video call can be a fun way to connect. Include games and chit-chat to catch up; then everyone can show off their pajama choices to each other. Plan to play a few online games or do a group craft project that everyone can do together.

Outdoor Pajama Parade

If the weather permits, organize a National Pajama Day parade in the neighborhood or at a public park. It’s fun to show off sleepwear and get some fresh air. Include music, banners, and decorations to make the parade even more festive. Be sure to invite the whole community.

Pajama Day at Work or School

Ask a boss, or school, if they can have a pajama-themed day. It can include relaxed meetings, fun activities, or even a group breakfast. Convince them it’s worthwhile for team building and to promote morale.

National Pajama Day is all about enjoying leisure time, comfort, and fashion. This clothing is a modern symbol of personal comfort and relaxation. Enjoy!

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