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For those who have gotten into the habit of working from home, cats have perhaps been functioning as coworkers for quite some time now!

When it’s time to go into the office, Felix often gets left behind to have the rule over the roost. But on this day, National Take Your Cat to Work Day, it’s the perfect time to bring that playful and clever pal into work to show off to the world!

History of National Take Your Cat to Work Day

Established and celebrated for the first time in 2022, National Take Your Cat to Work Day was the brainchild of the folks over at Petplan pet insurance. The purpose behind the day is to show appreciation for those feline pets and give them a bit more love and attention from coworkers too.

Since the comparable day for dogs, National Take Your Dog to Work Day, got its start in the 1990s, it’s about time that someone came up with a similar day for those of the cat persuasion. It only took a couple of decades, but it’s great that it is here now.

Observed on the first day of National Take Your Pet to Work Week, this day offers a fun way to show off that fabulous feline. So get away from that usual boring routine by raising awareness for and celebrating National Take Your Cat to Work Day!

How to Celebrate National Take Your Cat to Work Day

Have a delightful time enjoying this day with some of these fun ideas:

Take Your Cat to Work

Of course, it’s important to first get permission from the company to participate on this day. And it might be a kindness to check with people in the cubicle or office to make sure they aren’t allergic to cats! But it could be fun to celebrate National Take Your Cat to Work Day by putting the kitty into a carrying crate and bringing them into work. Those who have a private office could even let their cats wander throughout the entire room and enjoy all of the attention they get from various admirers or coworkers.

When deciding whether to take their cat to work on this day, cat owners should be sure to consider whether this is best for each particular cat. Think about whether the cat will be comfortable at work, how well the cat is suited to participate in community activities and making sure not to force coworkers to interact with a cat if they are not interested.

Create a Special Playlist for the Day

Celebrate National Take Your Cat to Work Day by getting some tunes together on a playlist that will commemorate the day. Add some songs to playlist on Spotify, Apple Music or another favorite music platform and get a good beginning with some of these tunes:

  • The Invitation to the Jellicle Ball from the musical soundtrack Cats (1981)
  • What’s New Pussycat? by Tom Jones (1965)
  • Alley Cat by Frank Zappa (1996)
  • Hello Kitty Cat by The Smashing Pumpkins (1993)

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