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It’s undeniable that a special relationship exists between people and their cats. Whether they’ve adopted a random stray from the shelter or a purebred Siamese, the connection that humans find with their cats is delightful and admirable.

But when a person has an affinity for a certain kind of cat that is so very special and unique? Well, that’s when it’s time to have a special day dedicated to them. And that’s exactly what National Siamese Cat Day is all about!

History of National Siamese Cat Day

Named “Siamese” by Europeans, the first of this breed of cat to arrive in Europe is believed to have been a gift from the King of Siam to an English consulate general toward the end of the 1800s. Since that time, Siamese cats have taken the world by storm due to their intelligence and guile. They are particular among cats in their willingness and ability to walk on a leash, and some of them can even be taught to do various tricks.

Dating back to 2014, National Siamese Cat Day was started by holiday guru, Jace Shoemaker-Galloway. The founder of the day hoped that it would raise awareness for the plight of Siamese cats who live in shelters, while encouraging people to adopt cats in need of homes.

Today, National Siamese Cat Day is here to bring attention not only to this breed, but to all cats who are longing to have a human family!

How to Celebrate National Siamese Cat Day

Have fun enjoying the celebration of National Siamese Cat Day by implementing some of these ideas to make the day special:

Learn More About Siamese Cats

Pick up some of these fun facts and share them with friends or family members in honor of National Siamese Cat Day:

  • This unique breed of cat usually hates to be left alone and typically does better in pairs or with more cats in the home.

  • Siamese cats are actually born completely white and their darker fur appears several weeks after birth.

  • There are four color types of Siamese cats: chocolate point, seal point, lilac point and blue point.

  • Siamese cats are thought to be one of the oldest breeds, originating in Asia perhaps more than 700 years ago.

Treat Your Siamese Cat

Those people who have a Siamese cat as a pet are the ones who are most likely to get involved with celebrating this day. And rightfully so! Siamese cat owners can pay heed to the day by getting a new cat toy, scratcher, treat or other item the cat might enjoy.

Make a Donation to a Siamese Cat Charity

Many people don’t realize that Siamese cats are a niche breed that even has some unique rescue charities that are specific to them. National Siamese Cat Day might be just the time to make a financial donation to one of these foundations:

  • Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue located in Greeley, Colorado
  • Siamese Cat Rescue Center located in Locust Dale, Virginia
  • Blue’s Mews Siamese Cat Rescue in Fairborn, Ohio
  • Southern California Siamese Rescue in Agoura Hills, California

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