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From bedding and clothing to towels and rugs, textiles play a part in the everyday lives of all human beings. Whether woven on a loom to make a rip-stop backpack or knitted by machine to create stretchy sportswear, made from natural fibers or synthetic, textiles offer a huge range of opportunities for meeting needs and wants in the world today. 

National Textiles Day is here to show appreciation for the way that textiles bring beauty and function on a daily basis!

History of National Textiles Day

Constructed from fibers that are joined together to create threads or yarns which are then turned into cloth, textiles were likely first used by humans for clothing dating back to tens of thousands of years ago.

Without textiles the modern way of life would be completely different! Think about how textiles are made into clothing to cover and protect people from the elements (as well as helping with modesty); they supply home items such as blankets, sheets, towels, curtains and pillows to make people comfortable, keep them warm and provide privacy; they are turned into seat covers for cars and other forms of transportation; and they even form sleeping bags, tents, backpacks and hammocks for those who want to experience the great outdoors.

Founded in 2016, National Textiles Day was established through the efforts of Valley Forge Fabrics, a company committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly textiles. The purpose behind the day was to celebrate the beauty and versatility of the fabrics that people have in their lives. From high fashion that is unique and stylish to everyday needs like blankets and towels, textiles bring flexibility in design to so many aspects, and they deserve to be appreciated on this day!

How to Celebrate National Textiles Day

Show some appreciation and care for the fabrics that are used every day by celebrating National Textiles Day with some of these ideas:

Get Creative with Textiles

One of the most amazing things about textiles is that they offer such a huge range of experiences in color, texture and so much more. From painting on a canvas made from textiles to embroidering on silk fabric with threads, the ability to get creative with textiles is broad. In honor of National Textiles Day, it might be fun to learn a new skill with textiles by taking a knitting class, learning to sew, picking up an embroidery project or borrowing a weaving loom.

Commit to Sustainable Textiles

Some fabrics are better for the earth than others. When possible, choosing natural fabrics can be a good choice for sustainability, but it’s not exactly that easy. An important part of the ethos of Valley Forge Fabrics, the founder of the National Textiles Day, is to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics. In honor of the day, spend some time doing a bit more research on the origins of certain fabrics and the carbon footprint they leave, remembering that re-using, repurposing and recycling are all necessary steps in the cycle of sustainability.

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