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Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! Show some love and get ready to multiply it all by three, because National Triplet Day is just the time to raise a glass (or, obviously, three glasses) to those special folks who hold the position of being triplets. 

History of National Triplet Day

National Triplet Day was established with the hope of raising awareness about, drawing attention to, and shining a spotlight on the special and interesting experience that three children have when they are born into the same family at the same time. And even though they might look alike, each triplet is a unique person who deserves being celebrated for their own place they take in the world.

It only stands to reason that the date chosen for the celebration of National Triplet Day would be March 3 – also known as 3/3. It’s a perfect time to find joy and delight in everything related to the world of multiple births, specifically multiples of three.

How to Celebrate National Triplet Day

Consider some of these ideas for getting on board with and celebrating National Triplet Day:

Celebrate A Set of Triplets

Have some fun with National Triplet Day by sending a card (or three!) to some triplet friends or family members. Take them out for three cups of coffee, order up three desserts, or pop by with three balloons. This is a great time for parents of triplets to hold a special party in honor of their unique and fascinating children!

Do Everything in Threes

Of course, just like everything in the life of triplets, the theme for National Triplet Day should probably be centered around threes. Eat three bagels, drink three sodas, call three friends. Perhaps pull up some fun Sesame Street videos where the Count’s character is focusing on the number three. Adults can get involved by watching a show or movie about triplets, like the 2016-2022 hit, This is Us, the 2003 film called The Triplets of Belleville, or the 2018 documentary titled Three Identical Strangers.

Learn Fun Facts About Triplets 

One delightful way to get involved with National Triplet Day, even for those folks who don’t personally know any triplets, might be to learn a few different interesting facts and statistics regarding triplets. Check out some of these bits of trivia to get started with:

  • Triplets can come in three different types from the same pregnancy: fraternal, identical, or a combination of both

  • The birth of triplets is a rather rare occurrence, with the odds estimated at approximately 1 in 8000 pregnancies

  • Triplets often develop a secret language of their own that is shared between the three, called cryptophasia or idioglossia

  • Because of changes in fertility treatments, the incidence of triplets has dropped since the late 20th century

For another fun event related to celebrating multiples, check out Twins, Triplets and More Week, which takes place in early July.  

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