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Dogs certainly have a reputation as being a best friend to humans, so why not celebrate this auspicious day by dressing up to match them? It’s time to get involved with one of the cutest days for canines: National Twin With Your Dog Day! 

History of National Twin With Your Dog Day

The inaugural celebration of National Twin with Your Dog Day took place in 2021 when it was founded by a business woman in Stafford, UK named Kim O’Donnell. The hope behind the day was to create an opportunity to celebrate those beloved canine friends who act as such as support through good days as well as bad.

An excellent way for human owners to show appreciation and attachment to their little furry friends is to get dressed up to match them. Since its founding, this day has expanded, welcoming dog owners all over the world to participate by “twinning” with their precious pups. Whether big or small, purebred or a mix, these loyal little friends certainly deserve to be celebrated on National Twin With Your Dog Day!

How to Celebrate National Twin With Your Dog Day

Show some love and loyalty to that furry best friend! In observance of National Twin With Your Dog Day, check out some of these ideas for celebrating:

Twin With Your Dog

The simplest way to join in on the fun of National Twin With Your Dog Day is to pick up some matching accessories or outfits for you and your dog. This might be something simple like bandanas that are the same color, or it could even be matching t-shirts, hoodies or even button-downs that can be ordered from special shops like Etsy, Good Thomas or other cool brands. Don’t forget to take Rover on walks to the dog park, around the neighborhood, or even stop by the office where the cutest twinning outfit can be viewed by everyone.

Host a Twin With Your Dog Day Event

Gather the dog-loving community together by hosting an event in celebration of National Twin With Your Dog Day. Invite just a few friends or make it a full-on public gathering by inviting folks to meet at a dog park to show off their twinning. Hold a fashion show where the winners get all sorts of dog-themed items, perhaps sponsored by a local pet store.

Whip Up Some Matching Dog-Twin Items

Those dog owners who are a bit crafty might be interested in designing their own matching outfits or accessories. Pick up some matching fabric at the local craft shop and fashion some fun items that match, such as leashes, bandanas, jackets or even hats. Many fun patterns for doggie wear can be sourced online for those creative sewing types.

Or, pick up some plain, solid colored t-shirts for both you and your dog, and then get artistic with some fabric paint, patches, or iron-on transfers. National Twin With Your Dog Day is the perfect opportunity to get inspired and show off those fun twinning outfits!

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