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As the opportunities for women in the medical field have continued to increase for the past 1½ centuries, reports show that the number of female doctors continues to grow in most westernized countries throughout the globe. Plus, as of 2019, the number of female medical students in the United States was higher than their male medical student counterparts.

This shift in gender empowerment has been a long time coming, and the way has been paved by women physicians who worked hard, faced discouragement and fought to tear down walls that kept them from doing their best work in the medical field.

Today, National Women Physicians Day is here to pay honor and respect to the past, present and future of women in the medical field.

History of National Women Physicians Day

Famously allowed to attend medical school ‘as a joke’, Elizabeth Blackwell was not only the first woman in the United States to graduate from medical school in 1849, but she also graduated first in her class and became a well-respected physician. Blackwell was critical in initiating the movement that helped women to gain entry, and eventually equality, in the field of medicine.

Her work in setting the pace for and promoting women in the medical world is celebrated on her birthday, February 3, in the form of National Women Physicians Day. Founded in 2016 by Physician Moms Group, this day celebrates more than 170 years of effort in bringing improvements to the workplace and honoring the gender barriers that have been broken down for women physicians.

Celebrate the accomplishments of women working in the medical field by participating in National Women Physicians Day!

How to Celebrate National Women Physicians Day

Take some time to observe and celebrate National Women Physicians Day with some of these ideas:

Thank a Woman Physician

In honor of National Women Physicians Day, be sure to write a note, send a card, post on social media or make a phone call to thank those women physicians who are friends, family, neighbors or coworkers. Let them know how much they are appreciated and how meaningful their work is to the world!

Make an Appointment with a Woman Physician

Perhaps it’s time for a checkup or there has been some consideration about changing doctors. For National Women Physicians Day, be sure not to overlook women physicians in the search for a doctor, whether in general practice or in various specialties.

Some studies have shown that women might actually make better doctors than men, particularly when it comes to communicating better with patients, offering higher quality care and performing on standardized tests. One study even showed that women physicians have less fatalities than their male counterparts.

Study to Become a Doctor

Young girls and young women who are interested in becoming a physician have more opportunities today than ever! Medical personnel continue to be in short supply and this is a great time to get motivated to apply to attend medical school, in celebration of National Women Physicians Day.

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