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Grammar geeks, language lovers and word nerds unite! Because it’s time to celebrate National Word Nerd Day. Those who are always correcting someone’s pronunciation or using big words that no one understands, this is the day when appreciation for these skills is celebrated and enjoyed to the fullest!

History of National Word Nerd Day

Words are the building blocks of language. Of course, no one is quite sure when and where language developed because, unfortunately, they couldn’t yet write it down! And historians have had such debates over the origins of language that the discussion was banned by the Linguistic Society of Paris in 1866, which remained in effect for many years. Even in more modern times, researchers tend to have wide disagreements.

But even if no one knows exactly how words got their start, they are beloved by certain types of people. Some might even call them word nerds!

But how is a word nerd defined? Most everyone has a friend who seems to enjoy etymology, lexicology and just studying everything that has to do with words and language. Or maybe it’s that person at work who is constantly offering grammar suggestions or spelling corrections on emails. And there are those folks who enjoy a good pun or play on words way more than the average person.

It is these characteristics that tend to define someone as a word nerd. Whether they are self-proclaimed or outed by another, National Word Nerd Day is here to raise awareness for and celebrate the love of language and words!

How to Celebrate National Word Nerd Day

Those who are word nerds, or those who love a word nerd, can enjoy National Word Nerd Day in a variety of fun ways. Get started celebrating with some of these ideas:

Enjoy Some Fun Word Activities

Whether it means buying a new crossword puzzle book, performing a word search, or downloading a smartphone app that contains word games, National Word Nerd Day is just the right time to enjoy some fun with words. Spelling games, word jumbles, fill-ins and so many others can just be loads of fun.

Buy a Gift for a Word Nerd

Those who know and love a word nerd may decide to give them a little gift in honor of National Word Nerd Day. Head over to the bookstore and get them a thesaurus, dictionary or other favorite book they’ve been longing for. One fun gift might be a set of word magnets that allows them to make everyday poetry, right on the refrigerator!

Show Appreciation to Word Nerds

Even though they are often mocked, when someone who isn’t a word nerd has an important document, paper or letter to write, who do they ask to look over it for them? A word nerd, of course!

In honor of National Word Nerd Day, take a moment to show appreciation for and thank a favorite word nerd who has been helpful in proofreading, editing, and generally making the rest of the world appear better in writing!

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