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Hot white beans baked with sausage and other meats, a cassoulet offers rich and warm comfort food on a cold winter’s day. Those who are from France, who were raised in a French family, or perhaps who simply love French food will especially enjoy celebrating National Cassoulet Day!

History of National Cassoulet Day

Originally a food that was made and eaten by peasants, the French cassoulet is named for the pot that it is cooked in: cassole d’Issel. The dish originated in the southwest region of France and, though it started out as a simple farmhouse meal, it has evolved over time to include flavors that are rich and complex.

Perfectly situated right in the middle of winter (at least for those in the northern hemisphere), National Cassoulet Day offers a deliciously hearty meal that is traditional and cozy.

Some of the finest things in life come on a plate or in a bowl! And, in this case, it is a deep dish filled with beans, meats and all sorts of tasty flavors melded together. So don that beret, let that mouth water for some delicious French cooking, and get ready to enjoy everything that is embodied in National Cassoulet Day!

How to Celebrate National Cassoulet Day

Have tons of fun and celebrate National Cassoulet Day with some of these ideas:

Enjoy Eating French Cassoulet

The first order of business on National Cassoulet Day is, obviously, to enjoy a large dish of it! Many restaurants that specialize in French food will offer a special menu of cassoulet especially in celebration of the day. Whether there is a local French restaurant that is beloved, or if it requires a bit of a road trip to a nearby city, the results will surely be worth it.

Try Making Cassoulet at Home

Ingredients like a boneless pork shoulder, duck confit legs, salt pork, pork skin and chicken broth will get a person well on their way to making a delicious cassoulet at home!

Some people may find a traditional cassoulet recipe to be a bit fussy and time consuming. Fortunately, a variety of more modern recipes are available on the internet that allow for shortcuts and cheats that taste good but allow cassoulet to be made in a much simpler manner.

Take a Trip to France

Of course, the most authentic way to pay heed to National Cassoulet Day would be to book and flight and head over to the land of romance, art and Ooh La La! Taking a flight into Paris might be fun to see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, but don’t stop there.

To enjoy cassoulet fully, it would be the best idea to head down to the Languedoc region that is located in southwest France. While there, find a local restaurant that offers cassoulet – and be sure to pair it with a delicious wine. Try a red wine that is medium-bodied and crispy, such as Marcillac, Madiran, Minervois and Corbières.

There’s no way to go wrong when spending National Cassoulet Day at home or in France!

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