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In the United States alone, more than 50 million people care for their aging loved ones without any compensation. According to the US Census Bureau, the vast majority of these caregivers are women and have come to be known as “Working Daughters”, a concept coming from a book by the same name, authored by Liz O’Donnell. 

Often providing care to their aging parents or grandparents at a great personal sacrifice, most of these women are setting aside their own needs to take care of others, which can be a huge task! National Working Daughters Day is here to show some appreciation for the women who are giving their all, sometimes beyond what seems humanly possible, and making the world a better place for their loved ones.

History of National Working Daughters Day

Organized to correlate with National Family Caregivers Month, this day offers an opportunity to show appreciation to those women who are working to take care of their aging parents, often while also taking care of their own young families at the same time.

When an aging loved one requires care, many women find they need to cut back on hours at work, change to a less demanding job, or even stop working altogether in order to take care of their family members. In some cases, this can cost them and their families tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars!

National Working Daughters Day was established in 2020 to show honor and appreciation for the millions of women in the US and worldwide who take on the care of an aging parent or other family members. While some men do also provide care for their aging family members, this day is specifically about the “working daughters” who have traditionally taken on this role. 

How to Celebrate National Working Daughters Day

Show some love and appreciation for the women who give time and energy to take care of their aging parents. Get involved with National Working Daughters Day with some of these ideas:

Acknowledge a Working Daughter

Because the aging parents of Working Daughters may not be capable of thanking them personally, it may be left up to other family members, friends or others to acknowledge their sacrifice. In honor of National Working Daughters Day, it might be a nice idea to write a note, send a card, treat her to a coffee or find some other way to say that a Working Daughter is seen and appreciated.

Help a Working Daughter

Many of the women who care for aging parents do so without complaining, which means that other family members may not realize what a burden it can be. This is a great time for other family members, like brothers and sons, to pay a bit more attention to the work the women are doing and ask about how they can contribute to the care of their aging parents. For more information on how to provide help and support, check out the National Working Daughters Day website

Practice Self Care

In celebration of National Working Daughters Day, perhaps some self-care is in order! Take some time out to get a massage, read a book, meditate, listen to favorite music or take a walk in nature. Even just a few minutes spent taking care of yourself will go miles toward filling up the tank for a balanced lifestyle that includes taking care of aging parents.

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