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Get involved with a fun and silly day while also supporting a good cause! National Wrong Trousers Day offers a delightful, fun-loving opportunity to wear something wacky – just on the bottom – perhaps get a little laugh, and make a difference for people in the community. 

History of National Wrong Trousers Day

The background of National Wrong Trousers Day can be followed back to 1993 when the British short film “Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers” was released. This 30 minute stop-motion animated film features a pair of techno-trousers that Wallace gives to Gromit on his birthday. Through a nefarious penguin, the trousers are fitted for remote control and hijinx ensues.

In 1994, “The Wrong Trousers” won an Academy Award for The Best Animated Short Film and the Wallace & Gromit characters continued to endear themselves to audiences. With more short films as well as numerous spinoffs and adaptations to television, Wallace and Gromit has become even more popular and beloved over the years.

Three years after the film won an Oscar, the first National Wrong Trousers Day was established in 1997 by The Grand Appeal along with the animated company, Aardman, in an effort to raise funds to support the Bristol Children’s Hospital. The name of the day was inspired by the short film with the idea of having people wear the “wrong trousers” for a day and make a donation as a fundraiser.

National Wrong Trousers Day has been celebrated annually since that time, and it became even more official in 2003 when the UK charitable organization was set up, called The Wallace and Gromit Childrens’ Foundation. This non-profit aims to show support for children’s healthcare throughout the nation. Around two decades later, the foundation had successfully raised approximately one million GBP that has been used to support sick children, all because of National Wrong Trousers Day.

So get ready to break the rules, commit a fashion faux pas and wear some slacks, pants, trousers or jeans that are just utterly wrong – because it’s all in good fun and definitely for a good cause!

National Wrong Trousers Day Timeline


Wallace & Gromit appear in “The Wrong Trousers” 

This stop-motion animated comedy short film is released.[1]


“The Wrong Trousers” wins an Oscar 

This film wins in the category of Best Animated Short Film.[2]


First National Wrong Trousers Day is celebrated 

The Great Appeal raises funds for a children’s hospital.[3]


Wallace and Gromit Children’s Foundation is started 

This organization is founded to raise funds to increase the quality of life for children with illnesses.[4]

How to Celebrate National Wrong Trousers Day

Show some support for kids in the hospital and have a fun time doing it by celebrating National Wrong Trousers Day! Check out some of these ideas to get started:

Wear the Wrong Trousers

The essence of celebrating this day is right there in the name, of course! In honor of National Wear the Wrong Trousers Day, it’s a good idea to do some planning and consider what kind of bottom might make a distinctive impression. Something with an exotic print might be a choice. A pair of trousers that is much too large and has to be kept up with a belt or suspenders could be an idea. School children might choose to wear their pajama bottoms.

Join Some Wrong Trouser Day Activities

Through their organization website, Grand Appeal Charity in the UK offers several activities and resources can be found online for kids and adults alike. Choose from fun activities such as downloading and printing out a coloring sheet, join in on a sweepstakes, participate in a treasure hunt or decorate for the day by hanging a printable bunting. 

Teachers, parents and other children’s workers might particularly enjoy making a big deal out of this day! The website also offers fundraising packs and tool kits for schools, companies and individuals. Resources include printable posters, games, and forms, as well as all sorts of shareable media options to raise awareness for National Wrong Trousers Day through social media platforms, whether personal, business or group accounts.

Make Wrong Trouser Cookies

One fun way to celebrate National Wrong Trouser Day might be to get busy in the kitchen and then share the results with friends, family, neighbors or others in the local community. Choose a favorite recipe for shortbread cookies, biscuits, sugar cookies, or some other cut-out cookie recipe.

Roll the cookies out and then use special cookie cutters or cut out individual trouser cookies using inspiration found online. These cute little cookies could even be decorated with colorful frosting or icing to make the pants even more “wrong” in honor of the day. Perhaps these cookies could even be used to raise funds by selling them at a bake sale or offering them at some other community event.

Watch Some Wallace & Gromit Movies

Get involved with and excited about National Wrong Trousers Day by hosting a little event where friends and family members are invited to watch “Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers” or some of the other films in the series. And be sure to remind everyone to wear the wrong trousers to the event!

Other Wallace & Gromit films and movies that could be screened on this day include:

  • A Close Shave (1995)
  • The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)
  • A Matter of Loaf and Death (2008)

Other fun events to enjoy at a Wallace & Gromit party might be to play some of the video games that feature the characters from the show. The Project Zoo game even includes Feathers McGraw, who was featured as the penguin antagonist in The Wrong Trousers.

Volunteer at a Children’s Hospital

The big appeal for National Wrong Trousers Day is all about helping children who are in the hospital. A great way to get involved might be to consider volunteering and sharing some joy and care over at a children’s hospital or another local hospital that cares for little ones. This might include signing up to read books to children, helping new families find their way, assisting in rooms for siblings, helping with crafts and various other ways.

Some hospitals may also have opportunities to hold toy drives during the winter holidays and other times of the year. Volunteers may also assemble meal kits that are given to help families of children in the hospital. Others might be interested in volunteering at a Ronald McDonald House which is located near many children’s hospitals and provides assistance and housing to families from out of town. 

National Wrong Trousers Day FAQs

What are trousers?

“Trousers” is the British term for what Americans call “pants” or “slacks”.

How long did “The Wrong Trousers” take to make?

This short film starring Wallace & Gromit took 13 months to shoot.[1]

When did trousers come into existence?

Historians believe that the earliest trousers date back to 3000-3300 BC.[2]

Where is “The Wrong Trousers” set?

This short film was set on West Wallaby Street in Wigan, Lancashire.[3]

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