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Say hello to the warmer summer months and get excited about all of the fun activities that this season has to offer by celebrating National Yard Games Day! 

History of National Yard Games Day

The inaugural celebration of National Yard Games Day took place on the first day of summer of 2021. And although this day might be a fairly recent observance, the history of yard games dates back many centuries. In fact, one outdoor yard game that included bowls can be traced all the way back to 3000 BC when it was played in Ancient Egypt.

Bocce ball can be dated to the Roman Empire, whereas croquet might come from as far back as the 18th century. Kubb, a favorite pastime in Sweden, probably started around the 1920s. Even more modern yard games include horseshoes, badminton, paddle ball, hopscotch, cornhole, frisbee and a wide range of many others!

National Yard Games Day is here to show some love and appreciation for these favorite outdoor pastimes, encouraging people to engage in some of their old favorites while trying a new one as well!

How to Celebrate National Yard Games Day

Grab some friends or invite some family members over to hang out in the front or back yard because this first day of summer is the ideal time to play some yard games. Celebrate National Yard Games Day with some of these ideas to get started with: 

Play a Favorite Yard Game

Perhaps this is a game that used to be played often when the kids were little but has gathered some dust since they’ve gotten a bit old. Well dust off that kit, pull it out of the garage or attic, and get it set up on the lawn in honor of National Yard Games Day. The great thing about most of these games is that they don’t require a lot of setup or equipment. Engage with the kids in some freestyle games like freeze tag, leapfrog, kick the can, or have some three legged-races.

Perhaps it would be fun to use some sidewalk chalk to draw out some hopscotch squares. Place some wickets and enjoy a sophisticated game of croquet. Set up a backyard volleyball court. Or divide up into teams and play a rousing game of capture the flag for hours of entertainment!

Try a New Yard Game

Those who haven’t been part of the barbeque circuit recently might have missed out on some of the fun yard games that have gone around, like cornhole which is similar to playing a bean bag toss. Try out ladder ball or law darts. It’s even possible to purchase giant lawn versions of table games, including giant Jenga, giant chess sets, huge Connect Four boards or Giant Wooden Dominos. Invite the neighbors over and have loads of fun on National Yard Games Day with some of these.

Whichever games are chosen, don’t forget to provide plenty of water for hydration and snacks to keep the energy up during the play time!

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