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Not only do zoos offer opportunities for education and inspiration for individuals and families, many also act as an essential part of preserving wildlife. From assisting global conservation efforts to conducting research programs, zoos and aquariums provide vital information that helps to protect natural habitats and ensure the safety of animals in the wild for generations to come. 

National Zoo and Aquarium Month is here to show appreciation and support for the work that zoos and aquariums do for the planet, for the animals, and for the people who enjoy them!

History of National Zoo and Aquarium Month

Zoos have a long, and sometimes stained, history that can be traced back more than 3000 years to wealthy people with private collections of animals who wanted to show off their status and power. While people at the time may not have been as interested in the welfare and care of the animals, in more recent decades, zoos have become as much about conservation and protection of animals as they are about entertainment.

National Zoo and Aquarium Month is an event that can follow its roots back more than 40 years. It was in 1982 when then US President Ronald Reagan proclaimed that June would be the month set aside to honor zoos and aquariums as part of a larger effort to promote marine life and animal life conservation.

How to Celebrate National Zoo and Aquarium Month

Animal lovers and nature lovers alike can enjoy the celebration of National Zoo and Aquarium Month with some of these ideas:

Visit the Zoo or Aquarium

National Zoo and Aquarium Month is the perfect time to plan a trip to the zoo with family or friends. In many places, the weather during June is warm enough to enjoy the animals but not too hot so that zoo visitors are miserable spending the day outside. Those who live in a city with a local zoo might consider this as an opportunity to purchase a zoo membership, which often comes with not only unlimited entrance to the zoo throughout the year, but may also have other perks as well.

Check Out the Biggest Zoos in the World

Those diehard fans of zoos may want to take National Zoo and Aquarium Month even more seriously by planning a road trip or vacation to visit some of the most impressive zoos all throughout the world. Or, for those who can’t easily travel, go ahead and take a look at their live zoo webcams online.

  • Berlin Zoological Garden. Representing the largest collection of animal species in the world, this German zoo is more than 150 years old and features 17,000 animals and more than 1,500 different species. 
  • Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. With more than 10,000 animals and 600 species that call this zoo home, this zoo-aquarium combination is centrally located in Ohio and accessible to tons of people from different towns and cities in the midwestern United States.
  • Beijing Zoo. See some of the most beautiful collections of rare animals native to China, including the beloved Giant Pandas, as well as 14,500 other animals from over 450 species. 
  • Toronto Zoo. North Americans can head up to this largest zoo in Canada to gain access to more than 16,000 animals with over 491 different species.  

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