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Build a camaraderie with those folks who live in proximity, showing care and getting to know them better on National Neighbor Day! 

History of National Neighbor Day

National Neighbor Day seems to have gotten its start organically, popping up almost randomly in various places at various times. Some research shows that this particular day celebrated in March may have beginnings in Australia, where the folks use the day to celebrate community and say “G’Day”. The first National Neighbor Day there was held in 2003 and it has been an annual ever since that time.

No matter if it happens ‘down under’ or up north, there is one thing that is universally valid: National Neighbor Day is all about caring. Whether it involves a person who is looking to bury the hatchet and forget about a past argument, or it’s just about getting to know those neighbors a little better, National Neighbor Day is the perfect time to engage in such activities.

Despite the fact that National Neighbor Day lasts just twenty-four hours, that doesn’t mean it should be the only day to care about your neighbors. This day can act as a catalyst for a variety of relationships that can go on all throughout the year!

Some great news is that several days celebrating the relationship between neighbors can be observed throughout the year! This includes days like Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day, National Good Neighbor Day and Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day. So have some fun celebrating neighbors all year around! 

How to Celebrate National Neighbor Day

There are no rules written in stone as to how to celebrate National Neighbor Day, so it’s perfectly acceptable to use that imagination. Try on some of these ideas to get involved with celebrating the day:

Be Neighborly

Take National Neighbor Day as a special reminder and use it as an opportunity to show some care and affection to those who live or work in the local community. Something simple such as baking some muffins and handing them out to neighbors would be a kind gesture.

Or write out a card of appreciation to those neighbors who have been especially helpful throughout the year by receiving packages on your behalf. Get creative and think of small ways to show people in the neighborhood how great they are!

Host a Block Party

Spending time with the people nearby is what National Neighbor Day is all about! A block party is a great way to get everyone involved without a great deal of commitment. Have one or two folks bring their barbecue grills out to the front of the house and all of the neighbors can just throw their own meats and vegetables on the grill. Other neighbors can participate by providing salads, drinks and mouth-watering desserts.

It also might be fun to get out some yard games like bocce ball or badminton. Or some bubbles and sidewalk chalk for the kiddos. What’s most important is that everyone has a delightful time. Everything works as long as it will bring you closer to your neighbors and allow you to get to know them better.

Check On Your Neighbor

This is an especially important practice for those who have neighbors nearby who are elderly. Too many stories have been told about elderly people who have fallen or have even passed away and no one noticed or bothered to check in on them for some time. If it’s been a day or two since the widow Mrs. Smith from next door has been out in her garden, simply stop by and knock to see how she is doing and if she needs help with anything. It’s just a little gesture that can mean the world to someone.

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