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They’re there, they’re on our feet, and most of us have some meager form of love for them. Really, they’re a fantastic invention, warm soft tubes of fabric that go over your feet and ensure that they remain warm and toasty in winter months. They can be wonderful for walking around the house in, and generally just keeping your feet comfortable. But you know what? They aren’t always the answer, and sometimes they’re just downright annoying. Forget those Birkenstock and sock wearing fools of the Pacific Northwest, No Socks Day is your chance to let your feet fly free and your toes taste the tarmac. (Ok, we apologize for the alliteration, it happens sometimes).

History of No Socks Day

No Socks Day has a rather odd history, when you come right down to it. No Sock Day was created by Thomas Roy and his wife and are now including in Chase’s Calendar of Event. Thomas Roy was an actor that was most recently seen (by most people) in the film 12 Monkeys as a street preacher, and then again in the 2009 The Answer Man, a dark comedy involving alcoholism and rehab.

Chase’s Calendar of Events started being published in 1957 by Williamd and Harrison Chase. It was created to compile events from every area of American life, including federal an state observances, unusual celebratory traditions, and historical anniversaries. It was originally published containing 364 entries over 32 pages, while the newest editions contain a total of 12,000 entries over an impressive 752 pages. Needless to say these intrepid adventurers were one of the first to start compiling all the wild and wacky types of holiday in the world today, and have found a convenient and lovely way to spread this knowledge to the rest of us. You might consider it a road book for those traveling to parts unknown.

No Socks Day is just one of the many holidays included in its august pages, and is your opportunity to let your feet fly free over the soil and grass and stones of the whole wild world.

How to celebrate No Socks Day

Well, celebrating No Socks Day is pretty simple. You simply head out into the world with your feet unbound, unfettered, unimprisoned by the impertinence of cloth. Wear them in boots if you like, or set them truly free to walk upon the ground without anything betwixt them and the good earth. Fly across the sand in flip-flops or sandals, or just enjoy the plush feel of the carpet on your feet as you walk through your home. No Socks Day truly is a day of liberation for feet everywhere!