“Numeracy: 1. The art of putting numbers to things that is, assigning amounts to variables in order that practical decisions may be reached. 2. That aspect of education (beyond mere literacy) which takes account of quantitative aspects of reality.”
~ Garrett Hardin

Numbers surround us every day, from making purchases at the grocery store to getting the best build of gear in our favorite video games, and the ability that allows us all to make sense of them is known as Numeracy. Numeracy isn’t just understanding math; it’s the fundamental mental underpinnings that make it possible for us to comprehend math as well as the ability to apply that through addition, multiplication, and other mathematical functions. Numeracy Day celebrates the incredibly important role this skill plays in our lives every day.

History of Numeracy Day

2018 marked the first official Numeracy Day ever to be held, but it’s off to a fantastic start. All over the world thousands of participants learned about the importance of numeracy in our everyday lives, and how we can get better at using this skill. Every year people struggle through life due to insufficient skill in Numeracy, and it leads to all sorts of problems, including overdrawn bank accounts, insufficient billings, and getting destroyed in the latest raid with your guild thanks to underestimating your gear.

Thankfully Numeracy Day has been working hard to raise awareness around these concerns by promoting the availability of classes and workshops to help everyone from children to adults improve their skill with numbers. They’ve even started taking a serious look at the curriculum in schools to try to help students get a better grasp of numbers and how they work. While we all carry calculators around in our pockets all day, there’s never a time when a fundamental understanding of numbers won’t be valuable.

How to celebrate Numeracy Day

Celebrating Numeracy Day should always start with a cake, what can we say, we like cakes. It’s also a great demonstration of how important Numeracy is in everyday things like baking. Want to measure out your flour? You need to know numbers to know how much. Doing a double batch? How exactly are you going to double that batch without understanding numbers? Trying to make enough for the whole office to have two? More numbers! You can also help your kids with their homework, take a refresher course online to improve your math skills, or even take some time to read up on some of history’s mathematical greats. It’s all just part of having a great Numeracy Day.



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