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Since the late 1970’s, Garfield and Odie have been an inseparable couple of friends who get along like… cats and dogs? But even though their personalities and preferences are very different, the two of them together make the world a more interesting place. And that’s what celebrating Odie Day is all about!

History of Odie Day

Odie Day is here to pay honor and respect to the fictional character from the famous Garfield comic strip created by the iconic cartoonist Jim Davis. Odie has also appeared in Garfield and friends, two live-action feature films and three amazing CGI feature length films. Odie is the only character in the Garfield cartoon universe to have shown the ability to mature.

In fact, although Odie is typically characterized as a tremendously credulous and brainless dog, he is also shown as extremely caring and loving. Garfield is seen to play on Odie’s gullibility by pushing him off objects or by simply making fun of him. Nevertheless, their relationship is distinguished by their playfulness and love for one another. And Odie is just a great little friend.

Odie Day is celebrated on August 8 because that is the anniversary of the pup’s first appearance in a Garfield comic strip in 1978. This was less than two months after Davis’s comic strip made its debut in nationwide syndication.

Folks who are looking for other reasons to celebrate the Garfield and Jim Davis world might want to check out Garfield the Cat Day, situated earlier in the summer.

How to Celebrate Odie Day

Have a rollicking good time celebrating and enjoying this delightful and silly day! Enjoy Odie day by planning and implementing some of these fun ideas:

Host a Party for Odie Day

Now is just the perfect time to get out the streamers, party-poppers and Oreo ice-cream cake out and celebrate the existence of this adorable pooch. Who cares if the guest of honor is a fictional dog? Any reason is a great excuse to have a party!

Despite his inability to formally communicate, it is quite likely that this beagle will be thinking about a party in his undersized canine brain. Have an Odie themed party, where all guests dress up as a character from the beloved Garfield cartoon strip and raise those glasses to Odie!

Read Some Garfield Comic Strips

One of the best ways to enjoy Odie Day is to get out some classic comics created by Jim Davis and have a little chuckle. More than 35 books of comic strips featuring Odie and Garfield have been released since the first one was published in 1980. Head on over to the library, comb a vintage book store, or perhaps make an online search to find some Garfield books that will offer some laughs in honor of Odie Day.

Purchase Some Classic Odie Memorabilia

Anyone who lived through the 1980s knows that Garfield and Odie themed products were all the rage. From figurines to lunch boxes, from notebooks to coffee cups, from stickers to stick pens, Odie was an inspiration for many items throughout this time. A great way to give a nod to Odie Day might be to get a hat, t-shirt or sweatshirt with a picture of the character on it and wear it in celebration of the day!

Learn More About Jim Davis

One interesting way to celebrate Odie Day might be to learn a little bit more about his creator, Jim Davis. The brains behind the Garfield franchise, cartoonist Jim Davis, named the title character after his grandfather and Odie’s character was named after a car dealership!

Born and raised in Indiana, Jim Davis really wanted to become a farmer but his asthma prevented him from spending so much time outside – instead he discovered drawing. Davis is still a bit of a hometown hero for the folks in Indiana. There’s even a Garfield Trail in Grant and Delaware counties, where more than two dozen statues of Garfield are on display!

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