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Chocolate parfaits are a beloved sweet treat that offers a cool, gorgeous opportunity for layers of deliciousness. Give those taste buds a heavenly thrill in honor of National Chocolate Parfait Day!

History of National Chocolate Parfait Day

The chocolate parfait got its start more than a century ago when the idea for parfaits was created in the mid 19th century. In fact, the oldest recipe for a parfait dates back to 1869 in a French cookbook. Originally a coffee flavored layered dessert made with ice, parfaits developed over time and the first chocolate parfait seems to have appeared in 1894.

Served with long-handled spoons, these desserts have been well loved for decades and continue to offer a delectable option for a sweet treat in a wide variety of styles and flavors.

Now, National Chocolate Parfait Day is here to celebrate the tasty treat that is built from delicious layers of custard, chocolate and cream!

How to Celebrate National Chocolate Parfait Day

Get on board with the celebration of National Chocolate Parfait Day by implementing some of these ideas:

Order Up a Chocolate Parfait

The best way to observe National Chocolate Parfait Day might be to head over to a dessert cafe or restaurant and order up a chocolate parfait in honor of the day. Perhaps it could be a frozen parfait with chocolate ice cream or a homemade custard chocolate parfait. Whether enjoying one on your own or inviting a friend and sharing with two long spoons, this is the perfect way to pay heed to the day!

Make Chocolate Parfaits at Home

Celebrating National Chocolate Parfait Day is a perfect excuse to get creative in the kitchen. Do some quick online searches to find a unique chocolate parfait recipe and then try out those culinary skills. Most simple recipes use basic ingredients such as dark chocolate, heavy whipping cream, eggs, sugar and cocoa powder. A bit of simmering, whisking, folding and freezing will result in a delicious parfait. Top with a berry sauce or whipped cream and serve!

Get Creative with Chocolate Parfaits

This delectable treat can be simple, but it’s anything but boring! Made with chocolate custard, a parfait has many options for getting creative with different flavors. Some recipes call for honey while others include festive dried fruits like cranberries or raisins. It is also common to include alcohol flavors in chocolate parfait recipes, such as brandy, amaretto or other liqueurs.

Choose one of these recipe ideas for a creative National Chocolate Parfait celebration:

  • Dulce de Leche Chocolate Parfait. This delicious parfait combines the taste of rich chocolate with a creamy caramel sauce.
  • Dark Chocolate Fondant with Orange. With the delicious flavors of a chocolate orange candy, this parfait is divine.
  • White Chocolate Parfait. Fall in love with the unique flavor of white chocolate that is super satisfying.
  • Smoked Chocolate Parfait. Featured in the Food Network Magazine, this idea includes a pudding skin, caramelized white chocolate, and even chocolate Pop Rocks!

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