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Show some honor and appreciation for those folks who come alongside in the working world to make everything just a bit more effective and run a bit more smoothly. Join in on the celebration of Paraprofessional Appreciation Day! 

History of Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

Showing up in various fields, paraprofessionals provide assistance in places such as the legal world, healthcare, education, social welfare and so many others. In the United States, paraprofessionals began getting official support from the government in the 1960s and the jobs have developed from there into a wide range of roles.

In the working world, paraprofessionals often perform tasks that free up the certified professionals to do more specific work. For instance, paralegals might be able to write briefs, but they cannot argue in court. Paraprofessionals in the medical industry may be able to perform routine tasks like taking temperature and weight but they can’t administer medicine as a nurse would be able to.

In the education world, paraprofessionals may take on all sorts of roles. Sometimes called instructional assistants, teachers aides, or simply “paras”, paraprofessional educators perform a number of different duties that go along with teaching, whether in groups or one-on-one with students. This could include providing instructional, behavioral or other types of support inside and outside the classroom.

Paraprofessional Appreciation Day was founded with the idea of honoring those who serve in these roles that go alongside others, often without a great deal of glory. Though it is thought that the day was originally started to honor those who are paraprofessional educators and come alongside teachers, this day can be celebrated with any paraprofessional in mind!

How to Celebrate Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

Show some care and gratitude by celebrating Paraprofessional Appreciation Day with a number of different ideas, starting with these: 

Thank a Paraprofessional

Those who have children in school, who work in the legal system, who get access to medical care and various other activities may come across paraprofessionals on a regular basis – sometimes without even knowing it!

For instance, people might think that a paralegal is actually a secretary, but paralegals will have more training and perform more legal duties than an administrative assistant would. Or people might think that a paraprofessional in the medical world is a nurse. Not sure who is a paraprofessional? Don’t be afraid to ask and then tell them thank you in honor and celebration of National Paraprofessional Day!

From flowers to cards, coffee to donuts, there are tons of different ideas that can be used to show appreciation for the work that paraprofessionals do on a daily basis.

Become a Paraprofessional

Young people who are interested in a career where they can support others in education, social work, law or the medical field may be interested in pursuing a career as a paraprofessional. The requirements for these jobs can vary, ranging from little to no education and experience, to some type of certificate program. In most fields, no licensure is necessary to perform paraprofessional work, but some college credits may be required, particularly in the education sector.

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