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Let’s face it, the most important people in many people’s lives tend to be their parents. National Parents’ Day, then, is far from the horror of Parents’ Evening, and is actually a chance to say ‘thank you’, and to show how appreciative you are of the time, effort and love poured into your (assumable) successful upbringing and induction into normal society. Good work, parents.

It’s a funny thing about mothers and fathers. Even when their own child is the most disgusting little blister you could ever imagine, they still think that he or she is wonderful.

Roald Dahl

If you think about the person you are today, you would probably agree that a lot of this has come from your parents. No matter whether this is your blood parents, or someone who you consider to be your parent because of the role they have played in your life, it doesn’t matter. This is the person who you believe has been there for you throughout your life, watched over you, and helped you to become the person you are today. This is what National Parents’ Day is all about, and it presents us with the perfect opportunity to recognize everything that parents around the world do.

Throughout our lives, our parents are there to guide us and lead us to be independent thinkers and to develop our own personalities. They are there to help us achieve our goals. With the world changing all of the time, this is no easy task. Most parents have endless worry and a lot of sleepless nights. This is why it is important to have a day so that can honor parents who do everything they can to protect and raise their children.

History of National Parents’ Day

The depth of the love of parents for their children cannot be measured. It is like no other relationship. It exceeds concern for life itself. The love of a parent for a child is continuous and transcends heartbreak and disappointment.

James E. Faust

National Parents’ Day is celebrated in many different countries all over the world. It was proclaimed an official day by the United Nations, yet it has also been honored in the United States ever since 1994. This is when it was signed into law by President Bill Clinton. The day was established as one for recognizing, supporting, and uplifting the role of parents when it comes to raising children around the world. It was Trent Lott, a Republican Senator, who actually introduced the bill.

How to celebrate National Parents’ Day

There is no better way to celebrate National Parents’ Day than to spend some time with your parents. You can go out for a meal together or spend some time doing an activity that you all enjoy. Perhaps you could do a past time you all enjoyed when you were a child yourself? You don’t have to spend any money in order to make National Parents’ Day a special day. You simply need to spend some time with your parents and make sure they realize just how much you appreciate them. For young children, this could be something as simple as doing the laundry or a task around the house in order to help your parents out and allow them to put their feet up for the day.

Some of the different ways to make your parents feel valued…

  • Give them a thoughtful gift. You don’t need to spend a lot on a gift to make your parents feel appreciated. Something that is personal and thoughtful is the best type of present. It could be something such as a keyring that has a photo of the family in it. You could also put together a scrapbook that contains special memories and photos of you all together. Or, you could write a poem and put it in a beautiful frame? There are plenty of different options. If you do a little bit of digging online, you will see lots of different craft projects if you want to make your own present. This is something that your parents are sure to appreciate.
  • Plan a special outing. Another way to make your parents feel appreciated is to plan a special outing just for your parents. Of course, if your budget is going to allow it, you could plan something like a vacation or a dream-come-true outing. However, not all of us have the money to spare to do this! Instead, you could treat your parents to a meal out, or you could cook a meal for them and allow them to have a romantic meal at home! Don’t stretch yourself beyond your means. Your parents aren’t going to be happy if you have spent all of your money on them. So, do something that is within your means and plan something special for them to enjoy.
  • Make a special video for your parents. If you do not live near your parents and you are unable to see them on this special day, it is a good idea to put together a special video message for them. You can use this to send a lovely heartfelt message about how much you love and appreciate your parents, as well as taking a trip down memory lane and mentioning some of the special memories you have had with them. This will show how much you cherish those moments – just as much as they do!
  • Show gratitude. Another way that you can celebrate National Parents’ Day is by showing gratitude to your parents. After all, your parents have done a lot for you over the years, and so it is right that you say thank you and show them how much you appreciate everything they have done for you. Something as simple as purchasing or making your own greeting card and filling it with a heartfelt message can make your parents feel great and they will cherish it forever.

Whatever you do decide to do on National Parents’ Day, make sure that your parents feel appreciated and they know how much you love them. As mentioned, for a lot of people, their ‘parents’ aren’t their blood parents; it is someone or two people that have influenced your life and been there for you the most.

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