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Of course, parents have been doing an important job since the beginning of human history! Bringing children into the world and then raising them up to be happy, healthy and productive members of society is no small task.

Setting the foundation for the entire lives of their children, parents work hard to do the best they can to love and nurture their families. And that effort deserves a day dedicated to celebrating and honoring these parents. The Global Day of Parents is here just for this reason!

History of Global Day of Parents

The Global Day of Parents is here to acknowledge and show appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice that is given by parents in raising their children.The day got its start in 2012 when the United Nations General Assembly declared its first celebration that year on June 1, and the Global Day of Parents has been set aside honor and celebrate parents each year ever since.

The UN seeks to recognize the vital role that parents have in providing sustenance, protection and the tools needed for positive development for all children around the world. So take a moment, or a whole day, on the Global Day of Parents to show appreciation and acknowledgement for the investment parents have in the children who make up the future of the generations to come.

How to Celebrate Global Day of Parents

Moms and dads have a very difficult job and the Global Day of Parents is here to recognize and affirm the importance of what it means to be a parent. Consider implementing some of these ideas in observance of the day:

Show Appreciation to Parents

For those who have parents who are still part of their lives, the Global Day of Parents is an ideal time to say thank you to them for the investment they have made in your life. Or, this also might be a good time to be an encouragement to the parents of a young family who are trying hard to raise their kids well. Let them know they can be seen doing their best at one of the most difficult jobs in the world – raising little humans!

Learn Some Facts About Parent Relationships

Consider some of these interesting facts about parenting on the Global Day of Parents:

  • Dads are stepping up

    Millennial fathers are spending three times as much time with their kids as their own fathers did.

  • It’s okay to get push-back

    Some studies have shown that children who argue with their parents may grow up to be more determined and successful in life as they advocate for themselves as adults.

  • Parenting is a joy and a challenge

    In one survey, 91% of parents said that being a parent was their greatest joy, while 73% said it was their greatest challenge. 

  • Parents are changing their strategies

    One study shows that at least 50% of Gen X and Millennial parents are choosing to be more positive, more present and less harsh than their parents were.

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