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We all love cooling down with a cold, fruity treat on a hot day and National Strawberry Sundae Day honours a dessert loved by millions around the world. Created with sweet toothed people in mind, National Strawberry Sundae Day is the perfect excuse to sit in the garden and cool down with a delicious delicacy.

Strawberries are loved by children and adults alike and are a refreshing, sweet fruit. Coupled with ice cream and whipped cream to form a sundae, they taste divine.

Making your own sundaes for National Strawberry Sundae Day is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy together. Older children can make them by themselves, choosing the quantities of strawberries, ice cream, cream and other ingredients as they see fit, and younger children can help make (and eat) the sundaes. If you have any strawberries left over, why not make some tasty smoothies or jam with them?

Learn about National Strawberry Sundae Day

Not that we need an excuse to indulge in a delicious strawberry sundae, but National Strawberry Sundae Day provides you with the perfect opportunity to do so. You can combine strawberry or vanilla ice cream (or both!) with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and strawberry sauce in order to enjoy a delicious iced treat.

Of course, there are many different ways that you can mix it up when it comes to your strawberry sundae. You may want to add another flavor of ice cream to the mix, for example. There are also many different toppings that work well with strawberry sundaes, including shaved white chocolate, white chocolate sauce, crushed shortbread or digestive biscuits, popping candy, and strawberry sweets.

There are many reasons why National Strawberry Sundae Day is such a great day to celebrate. After all, for one, strawberry sundaes taste delicious, don’t they? They also provide you with a great way of cooling down during the hot summer days. Plus, you don’t feel so bad for indulging when you add a bit of fruit to the mix, right?

You’re going to get your daily dose of vitamin C intake from your strawberries, and so it’s a better option than a lot of the other desserts out there. Plus, no two strawberry sundaes need to be the same when you think about the different toppings that are available. That is one thing that we love the most about this dessert.

There are simply no rules when it comes to presentation or the number and type of toppings and sauces you use. It is all about the flavors you like the most! You can go down the classic route or you can go as wild as you like when it comes to making the perfect strawberry sundae for you.

History of National Strawberry Sundae Day

In order to understand the history of National Strawberry Sundae Day, you need to understand the history of the sundae itself. The oldest known record of an ice cream sundae was in an advertisement in New York’s Ithaca area. This went out on the 5th of October in 1892. The conventional day of the week spelling, i.e. Sunday, was used in order to spell the ice cream treat in the Ithaca Daily Journal.

Nevertheless, the story of the ice cream sundae certainly does not end there. It is claimed that the first ice cream sundae was serviced many years before this. This is something that the Edward Berners of Two Rivers, Wisconsin is created with. According to this story, a customer George Hallauer asked for an ice cream soda.

He placed this order on a Sunday. However, the sale of ice cream sodas was prohibited on the Sabbath. Because of this Berners decided to come up with a compromise so that his customer would not go home with an empty stomach. Instead, he decided to serve the ice cream with the soda, and he topped it with chocolate syrup, calling it a Sundae.

However, the first recorded advertisement for this type of ice cream treat was in Ithaca, as mentioned. This occurred in 1892 at Platt & Colt Pharmacy. This is when a Reverend known as John M. Scott stopped in order to purchase a bowl of ice cream.

But when the proprietor, Chester Platt, started to prepare the ice cream, he did not merely stop at giving him a few scoops of vanilla. Instead, he topped the ice cream with a bright red, candied cherry and drizzled some cherry sauce over the top. The dessert tasted and looked incredible. Those who believe this version of the story say the name Sundae was created purely because this happened on a Sundae.

The advertisement for the Cherry Sunday serves as historical evidence to support that this story is true. But was it the first-ever occurrence of the Sundae? Well, people like to debate this. We’re sure that there were a few people who experimented with different toppings on their ice creams!

How to celebrate National Strawberry Sundae Day

Is there a better combination than strawberries and ice cream? Of course, the best way to go about celebrating National Strawberry Sundae Day is to indulge in this treat yourself. You can either make it yourself or you can head to your nearest ice cream parlour and treat yourself.

If you want to enjoy this activity with your loved ones, why not invite them to join you? You could even decide to set up your own strawberry sundae bar and get all of your neighbors around to join in on the fun!

You could add a bit of healthy competition to the mix by getting everyone to come around and create the best sundae. Make sure you have a bar set-up with many different toppings to choose from, including everything from sauces to sweets, chocolate, crushed biscuits, and much more! This is a great way to spend time having fun with the people that you love, and you’re bound to have plenty of laughs.

There are always some creations that look incredible – just like they have come out of a recipe book – and then there are those that look like they have been dropped in the floor! It doesn’t matter, though, because you know that they are going to taste incredible no matter what.

Another fun way to celebrate National Strawberry Sundae Day is to make your own strawberry syrup. A lot of people would agree that the best part of a strawberry sundae is the delicious and sticky strawberry sauce. So, rather than going down the store bought route, why not try and create your own strawberry sauce? You will find that there are plenty of different recipes for this online that you can get started with.

So there you have it: plenty of different ways that you can celebrate National Strawberry Sundae Day. No matter what you do, make sure you mark the day by indulging in a tasty strawberry sundae!

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