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8th Mar each year

Many foods have their own special day, and the humble peanut is no exception. Peanut Cluster Day celebrates all that is delicious and unique about the peanut. Strictly speaking not a nut but in fact a variety of bean, peanuts were originally cultivated from plants native to Paraguay, and have been enjoyed as an addition to cooking or as a tasty snack for centuries.

Whether you prefer your peanut based dishes savoury or sweet, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Peanut Cluster Day. For those with a sweet tooth, try the traditional combination of peanuts smothered in chocolate. These crunchy clusters are perfect as a treat, or try creating small clusters to use when decorating cupcakes and desserts, especially yummy when sprinkled in vanilla ice cream. For something more savoury, salted peanut clusters can’t be beaten for a simple taste sensation that is ideal as a protein rich snack.

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