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No, kids and husbands, it’s not the same thing as Mothers Day, although in some households it may feel like it! 

They say most chefs could start a fight in an empty room so give yours some much needed love on National Personal Chef Day. After all, it’s quite possible that you are their only fan (and also their only critic) on a semi-regular, if not daily, basis. 

History of National Personal Chef Day

The United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) founded this day to offer everyone a chance to serenade the single-minded, single-handed, solo pan handler and knife brandisher in their lives. Of course, that could certainly be Mom, but it could also be Dad, big sister, Grandma, a nanny or someone else entirely!

For those who truly are lucky enough to have a personal chef in their life, treat him or her extra nicely in celebration and honor of National Personal Chef Day. For others, maybe there’s someone out there whom you take for granted on the food front and deserves some pampering. A school cafeteria goddess, the tea person at work or, most obviously…your mother! She doesn’t even get a fancy job title or a pretentious hat. You know what to do, diners, so get out there and show some chef-love!

How to Celebrate National Personal Chef Day

Wondering about ways to enjoy and celebrate National Personal Chef Day? Get started with some of these ideas:

Become a Personal Chef

Many people don’t realize that it actually is an option for some individuals, families, businesses and more to hire a personal chef to meet their nutritional and culinary needs on a regular basis. Yes, the type of person who can afford this will likely be in a fairly lucrative job, but they may not need to be independently wealthy. They might just run a very high-pressure business that doesn’t allow them the option to cook delicious and nutritious meals for their families every day.

Of course, celebrities are known to have personal and private chefs, but personal chefs can also serve folks like politicians, attorneys, doctors, business owners and more. Those who have a job as a personal chef will typically offer a menu of tasty and nutritious meals to a family or individual, and then will do all of the shopping and preparation as needed. While it’s possible to get training through a culinary arts program to become a personal chef, it may not be necessary as it can also happen through individual cooking talent, getting recognized for catering gigs and personal recommendations!

Show Some Love to a Personal Chef

Has the relationship with that personal at-home chef become stale or fallen into a boring routine? Why not enliven it in the obvious fashion – by cooking them a meal and telling them not to hold back their opinions. Then, as a few pieces of the finest china go whizzing past an ear, it’s possible to feel happy that you’ve allowed your go-it-alone gastronaut to let off steam on this, National Personal Chef Day.

Get Inspiration from Personal Chefs to Celebrities

Certainly Oprah Winfrey has talked on her show about what it’s like to have a personal chef, but there are a large number of other celebrities and famous personalities who employ personal chefs as well. Check these out:

  • Debbie Solomon. Following in the footsteps of her mom who was a chef, Solomon moved to Los Angeles immediately after culinary school and eventually struck it big when she was invited to be Rhianna’s personal chef, a gig that has lasted for more than 10 years.
  • Michael Dane. Getting his start at cooking with his grandma when he was just four years old, Dane started by working in hotel kitchens first. He went on to culinary school, did event catering, and has now worked for famous folks like Nick and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Steve Harvey and Ozzy Osbourne.
  • CoreyBelle Ealing. Right out of culinary school, Ealing started working at some of Philadelphia’s top restaurants, became a food stylist in New York, and then eventually ended up on Gordon Ramsey’s show, eventually landing notable clients like golfing champ Tiger Woods and tennis star Serena Williams.

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