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It’s coming fellow warriors of nap-time shenanigans, that day where you raise your fluffy pillows high and charge into the streets. Together you will carry your bolsters and duvets, dakimakura and gulls, and bed pillows of all sizes and meet in noble combat with those heretic inhabitants of the wrong side of the bed.

Feathers will fly, the stuffing will scatter like the intestines of slaughtered plushies, and everywhere will shrieks of laughter ring out. International Pillow Fight Day is your chance to get out and let your favorite pillows do their worst in a battle royale!

History of International Pillow Fight Day

Flash mobs were on the rise; people were gathering everywhere to engage in spontaneous acts of sanity that brought complete strangers together in fun and interactive ways. Pillow fights have probably existed for as long as there have been pillows, but modern technology and a love of the truly absurd have brought them into prominence and popularity never before conceived.

Inspired by the fantastic film Fight Club, where men came together to strip themselves of society’s identity and reclaim their raw masculinity through bare-fisted boxing, Pillow Fight Clubs started springing up all over the world.

It was small at first, but it continued to grow, with Pillow Fight Clubs starting up in London and Vancouver, San Francisco and New Manhattan, until suddenly in one grand move of solidarity, the World International Pillow Fight Day took place in March of 2008. Since then, annual International Pillow Fight Days continue to be celebrated by anyone and everyone all over the world. The day takes us away from the stress of the world around us and brings everyone together in a celebration of something we all knew we wanted but didn’t realize we needed.

The world’s largest pillow fight raged in places far and wide, with back-alley brawlers swinging duvets in Boston, and ponder being swung in Copenhagen, in Paris decorative pillows were locked in combat as Kissen was bashed into Kissen in Stockholm.

Such was the madness that World International Pillow Fight Day wrought in every corner of the globe, and countless pounds of stuffing and feathers were spilled in the name of fun. And, when the feather’s settled, those who got involved understood that the same must happen again every year until all the pillow resources of the world had been put to rest.

But even if you’re not your town’s resident Tyler Durden (which is a good thing), there’s still the opportunity to get involved. Whether it’s friends relishing in the chance to show each other who’s boss, siblings and cousins trying to recapture some of the carefree enjoyment of the sleepovers of their youth, or even strangers hoping to blow off some steam without commitment, or even (hopefully) long-lasting injuries, International Pillow Fight Day gives everyone the excuse to transform their trusty pillow into a weapon that will lead them to victory.

How to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day

Celebrating International Pillow Fight Day is right there in the name, organize a massive pillow fight in your corner of the world, and join the ranks of the August Order of the Pillow Case!

Doing so is easy enough. Everyone already has everything they need, so don’t deliberate over which pillow could do the most, um, damage, but instead find your battle spirit and get involved.

Challenge your roommates to battle, have your apartment challenge the neighbors to battle, open up a massive street party where all and sundry are gathered together to wage a Pillow Fight Royale! This may sound silly to some, but while other events require serious and careful planning, a pillow fight can reach epic proportions in a matter of moments. Everyone has a pillow, and some lucky folk even have two, three, or more. With such an arsenal at their disposal, it seems like a foregone conclusion of who will emerge victorious.

But, if the history of warfare, of competition, and battle has taught us anything at all, it’s that those who appear the best prepared are not always those who emerge out of the ashes, or rather the feathers, unscathed. International Pillow Fight Day is about more than having the most ammunition. It requires mettle, tactics, determination, and a desire to enjoy yourself. Because of this, it is certainly not a day for the sleepy and faint-hearted folks.

Like any battle, tactics are vital. Pincer movements will enjoy a resurgence, nimbleness is your friend, and a desire to keep going until you have exhausted your feather and plush supplies will ensure you live to sleep another day.

Crawl out from your blanket forts, select your favorite pillow, and join the ranks of those who have something to prove. International Pillow Fight Day will allow you to lay waste to all those before you and show that those times spent watching Netflix, snoozing until midday, or enjoying the calm before the storm in your bedroom have paid off.

You have been preparing for this moment since the first time you realized that staying in bed is much better than getting out of it. Knowing the makeup, design, and velocity of a perfectly weighted pillow is useful for getting more than a superb night’s sleep. It provides an advantage for anyone salivating at the thought of putting others to bed once and for all. The tools are there, so select your weapon carefully, venture out, and ride forth to take part in one of the most hilarious, ridiculous, but ultimately enjoyable days of the year.

So, if you’re craving to prove yourself as the King or Queen of cozy combat, International Pillow Fight Day can be a great chance to make new friends, get rid of old pillows, and just delight in one of youth’s great pleasures! Round One… FIGHT!

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