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Step back into the past just a bit while learning about an interesting example from science and technology by getting involved with celebrating World Pinhole Photography Day! 

History of World Pinhole Photography Day

Historians have found the earliest mention on record of a pinhole camera dates back much further than might be expected by most people. In fact, it seems that as far back as the 5th century BC (around 2500 years ago), the concept of a pinhole camera was being used by scholars for viewing images. Of course, film had not yet been invented to capture the images permanently, but it was still a unique form of scientific discovery.

A pinhole camera is an interesting invention that is really not very complicated. It consists of a light proof box that has a hole in one side. The image from the hole is projected onto the other side of the box, called the obscura effect. This natural optical phenomenon has been used for centuries and was improved with the use of a mirror, sometime around the 15th century AD.

Though the concept for modern cameras still used obscura technology, it wasn’t until the photographic camera was invented in the early 1900s that these images could be captured on film. And, really, that changed everything about cameras!

World Pinhole Photography day was established to celebrate the art of pinhole photography. In an age of ever-growing digital photography, Pinhole Photography Day gives honor and pays heed to the original and humble pinhole camera.

The purpose of the day was to establish a time of retro-thinking and old school days when technology was simple and the world was a bit less chaotic. Sometimes just referred to as “Pinhole Day”, this day takes place on a Sunday in late spring to give the ideal weather and lighting for capturing some old-style images.

How to Celebrate World Pinhole Photography Day

Celebrate World Pinhole Photography Day by throwing back in a wide variety of ways, including some of these:

Use an Antique Pinhole Camera

Those who are collectors of antiques or perhaps inherited an old pinhole camera from a relative might take World Pinhole Photography Day as the ideal opportunity to dust it off and use it. Perhaps take it into the kids’ school for show and tell to let school children learn a bit about the history of photography.

Make a Pinhole Camera

And for the rest of the average folks who do not have access to an antique pinhole camera just lying around in an attic? That’s okay! It’s actually possible to make one in a special activity just in celebration of World Pinhole Photography Day. Several websites offer detailed instructions, including one from NASA

Check Out the Pinhole Photography Website

Get on board with all sorts of activities for celebrating World Pinhole Photography Day by accessing their website for ideas and resources. Not only that, but each year the organization that runs the day hosts a celebration gallery for the day. To participate, simply take a photograph with a pinhole camera and submit it to the website where it can become part of an amazing worldwide gallery! 

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