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Plimsoll day is dedicated to the man who made commercial sailing safer – Samuel Plimsoll. So, look to the water ways my friends and give thanks for all the awesome items in your house that made it safely to the shores and into your home! There was a time in England when many commercial vessels were traveling on the rivers so overfilled that accidents abounded.

With the laws that Mr. Plimsoll championed, now the Plimsoll lines can be found painted on ships all over the world! Safe shipping around the seas of the world point back Mr. Plimsoll.

History of Plimsoll Day

Samuel Plimsoll was very instrumental in making a safe way to ship goods in England. In the late 1800’s shipping was very dangerous. Ships were often loaded poorly and with too many goods.

Accidents on the water and on the docks while loading and unloading were all too common. So dangerous were the times that the people called some of these ships “coffin ships”. These ships were so overloaded and unseaworthy that the lives of the crew were constantly in jeopardy. Samuel had an experience that shook his life.

In 1853 he attempted to become a coal merchant in London. He was not successful and he lost literally everything. He had to live for several months in a common lodging. When things began to look up for him, he vowed to serve those of lower means and do all he could to improve their lives.

His achievements include being the driving force behind England’s Merchant Shipping Act of 1876. He was the one who championed the Unseaworthy Ships Bill. Both brought about what are now known as Plimsoll lines on commercial ships. The lines indicate the safe levels for loading cargo in the ship’s hold at various states of condition. To learn more, toss the term Plimsoll lines into your favorite search engine and you will have it all at your fingers.

How to celebrate Plimsoll Day

What to do to celebrate Plimsoll Day? There are several ideas you could start with. You have already started to learn about Plimsoll lines and how they have made shipping safer throughout the word. Why not continue to learn about shipping at a local maritime museum? Don’t live near water and shipping ways? Don’t worry you can use the internet to keep learning more. Another way that you could celebrate the day is to support shipping by buying the goods that are brought through the waterways.

Yep, you heard me right – go shopping! The more demand for goods that are delivered this way, the more opportunity there is for shipping and the crews that work to deliver those goods. So there you have it! You need to shop to help others! You are welcome, I’ve taken your guilt away so go have fun. Let your friends and family know and make it a group shopping spree. While you are out there learning, and having fun, remember to send a silent thank you to Samuel Plimsoll.

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