National Postal Worker Day, invites Americans to share their personal stories of appreciation as well as their gratitude about their favorite postal worker at In a similar initiative last year, Neopost USA received hundreds of comments, likes and shares on Facebook from Americans who were happy and eager to share a wide range of reminiscences and acknowledge their relationship with an outstanding postal worker – mail carrier, administrator or executive.

“The USPS is so deeply ingrained in America’s history, commerce stream and quality of life that we can easily take it for granted,” says Dennis P. LeStrange, Neopost USA’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “But we shouldn’t ever forget the benefits we derive from the nation’s postal workers. The USPS as an institution deserves to be recognized for its steadfast dedication to delivery, social responsibility, security, technology and innovation. National Postal Worker Day gives us the opportunity to honor the people inside the Postal Service who serve us on so many levels.

“The 486,000+ USPS employees do more than deliver 155 billion mail pieces per year,” LeStrange says. “They also build personal relationships inside every community in the country and they help the 21st century’s most valuable commodity – information – flow efficiently and seamlessly.”

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