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Third Saturday of April
20th April, 2019
21st April, 2018
22nd April, 2017
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Learn about Record Store Day

Record stores, eh? With digital music, iTunes and Amazon, they almost seem a thing of the past. But not quite!

Record Store Day is here for us to appreciate the wonderful pastime of flicking through albums, searching for bargains, finding something new, or perhaps something old that we lost a long time ago and completely forgot about. It’s an opportunity for us to reminisce (“Oh wow, I used to listen to this all the time when I was at school!”), to share (“I bet Kayleigh will love this, I’ll get her a copy”) and to ponder (“What was Fatboy Slim on when he wrote this one?!”).

Most of all, record stores allow us to take time out of our day and quietly enjoy who we are. Tastes and inspirations are specific to each of us, so let’s celebrate this individuality in a place filled with music and artwork, and where there’s always a human being to ask for a recommendation, one that isn’t based on the ‘Smurfs Go Pop’ CD you bought online as a joke gift for a friend.