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Join in on the fun of National Root Beer Float Day by celebrating this decidedly American classic drink. Or is it a dessert? It could be either. Or both! 

History of National Root Beer Float Day

The history of the root beer float is obviously predicated on the invention of root beer as well as the creation of vanilla ice cream! These two most important parts make up the incredible whole that is the beloved and delicious root beer float.

Root beer was originally made from sassafras or sarsaparilla, making its commercial debut in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. Root beer was originally sold as a health agent for its medicinal benefits but eventually morphed into a soft drink in the early 20th century.

Ice cream has roots that can be traced back in the US to early colonial days when founding father, Thomas Jefferson, wrote his own recipe for vanilla ice cream that is still housed at the Library of Congress today.

But the combination of the two elements, root beer and vanilla ice cream, are typically attributed to a gentleman named Frank Wisner who created the first root beer float towards the end of the 19th century. This drink was introduced at his Cripple Creek Brewing Company in Colorado. This float was originally nicknamed the “black cow”, attributed to the peak near the brewing company, called Cow Mountain.

National Root Beer Float Day is celebrated on August 6th every year. Between the luxurious vanilla ice-cream and the sumptuous root beer foam, how can any individual resist this delightful beverage? This amazingly refreshing summer treat has its own special day to celebrate its undeniable brilliance.

How to Celebrate National Root Beer Float Day

Have a delightful time with this fizzy, creamy treat when celebrating National Root Beer Float Day! Get involved with the day by enjoying some of these ideas and activities:

Go Out for a Root Beer Float

Those who live in the United States might find it a fun activity to head out to a restaurant or ice cream shop and order up a root beer float. Grab a buddy or family member to make the activity more enjoyable. Share one with two straws or each person can order their own!

While there are very few soda shops or counters left in classic style diners, it’s still possible to source a root beer float at many traditional mom and pop diners. In addition, a few national chains in the US offer root beer floats on their menu, including A&W restaurants, BJ’s Restaurants, Culver’s and several others.

Make a Root Beer Float

To celebrate National Root Beer Float Day why not create your own float? Make the float colorful and presentable so that other people can see you have really made an effort for this special occasion. For those who might be new to the concept and are wondering how to make one of these superb drinks, simply add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to a cold glass of root beer. The taste of a root beer float makes the taste buds tingle with utter excitement, especially on National Root Beer Float Day!

Host a National Root Beer Float Day Party

The only thing more fun than enjoying a root beer float alone is getting the gang together to celebrate this delightful treat! Invite some friends over to the house, or set up a little celebration in the break room at work in honor of National Root Beer Float Day.

To make things easier on the host, invite guests to bring their favorite kind of root beer or a container of vanilla ice cream. Pull out some frosty mugs, spoons and an ice cream scoop, and have a blast enjoying the day. Tall glasses or canning jars make the perfect vessel for a root beer float creation.

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