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 Raise awareness about the need to end sexual violence and make a difference for the future by participating in events and activities dedicated to the SAAM Day of Action! 

History of SAAM Day of Action

Directly associated with Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the SAAM Day of Action is a specific event that is designed to motivate people into performing highly visible and coordinated actions. Coordinated by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) since 2004, this day aims to get more people not only aware of the need to make a change in sexual violence culture, but also to catalyze people to get actively involved! 

How to Celebrate SAAM Day of Action

Take action and get involved on this day and all throughout the year to be part of ending sexual violence. Consider some of these important opportunities to participate in the SAAM Day of Action:

Wear Teal on SAAM Day of Action

Get started celebrating the day by coordinating your wardrobe with others to show support for the SAAM Day of Action! Teal is the support color for the entire month, and specifically for this day, to promote awareness about sexual assault and work toward prevention. Teal is also a color that honors survivors of sexual violence and harassment, so those who are willing to share their stories might choose to wear teal on this day.

Those who aren’t wearing teal on this day can still show support by using graphics provided by NSVRC. These can be used as backgrounds for Zoom meetings, turned into profile pictures for social media, or made into Instagram stories. Check out the resources at the NSVRC website.  

Host a SAAM Day of Action Event

An important part of making others aware about and ending sexual violence is using influence to get more people involved. Hosting an event to show support, raise awareness and even raise funds would be an excellent way to connect community members toward this common cause. This could be an educational event hosted on a university campus, a fund-raising event like a walk or run for charity, or some other activity that will get community members involved with the SAAM Day of Action.

Make a Donation to End Sexual Violence

An excellent way to give support to this cause and helping to put an end to sexual violence would be to make a financial contribution to an rape crisis center or some other organization that supports those who have experienced this type of trauma. Learn about a local organization through personal connections or consider donating to one of these groups in honor of the SAAM Day of Action:

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