Life is rather like a tin of sardines – we’re all of us looking for the key. 

Alan Bennett

Most people have heard of sardines, and the general opinion of them is that they’re gross. Oddly, it’s also generally true that most people have never tried, or in some cases, encounter them. If you’ve never faced sardines, you may be surprised that they find their way into places you’ve never imagined. As an amazing source of B12 and Omega Fatty Acids, turning your nose up at sardines could be preventing you from enjoying a delicious addition to your meal. Sardine Day is your opportunity to learn about these little fish and how you may already have been enjoying them without knowing.

History of Sardines Day

Sardines originally got their name from the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia. The English got this term from Grecian history, where the word was used to describe the red color of the fish and the region of the sea where they were popularized. A large number of nutrients found in this fish, combined with the efficacy with which they could be packaged and shipped turned them into an important trade item in the region for centuries.

Sardines are used in many dishes and are closely related to the anchovies that are served with Caesar Salad and as a base flavor in Worcestershire sauce. They’re also one of the main ingredients in “Gentleman’s Relish” a popular sardine based spread used in England for many dishes, or just served up on buttered bread.

How to celebrate Sardines Day

The best way to celebrate Sardines day is to attempt to overcome your fear of this delicious fish. They typically come in tins, pickled or packed in oil, or even packed in with mustard to preserve them. Thousands of recipes exist that call for these fish in either their fresh or canned form. A traditional Caesar Salad starts with a sardine being pressed into the wood of the bowl it’s served in to provide a slightly fishy flavor, with those who prefer a stronger flavor having two sardines used.

They’re popularly served as part of a lunch-time snack, often with tomato and fresh avocado on top of a crisp cracker and a sardine. They’re also commonly added to soups and sandwiches to bolster their flavor. In fact, if you’ve ever had soup with a fish-based broth, it is likely the sardine that was used to create the fish stock. You’ve been enjoying sardines for ages, and Sardines Day is a great opportunity for you to find out how much you love sardines!

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3 months ago

wow sardines

Bertan Ernie
Bertan Ernie
3 months ago

eww sardines

3 months ago

Every day is sardine day for me. I have them as part of my lunch. People who turn their noses up to them don’t know what they are missing, and I am glad of that because I’d just as soon keep the demand… and price… for them to a minimum.

Inexplicably, the pandemic seems to have either driven up the demand or reduced the supply. While the smaller cans are readily available, the unit cost for those is typically quite high. The best deals are on the larger 7.5 and 15 oz cans but they have been very scarce in stores for the past six months or so.

Consequently, I have to constantly monitor the supply of the store online and buy them in quantity when they have them in stock. It’s a hassle but when you like them as much as I do…. not to mention the health benefits… it’s worth it

Edward Cameron
Edward Cameron
3 months ago


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