Quick Facts

April 13th

Learn about Scrabble Day

By far the best way to celebrate Scrabble Day is with Oxyphenbutazone.

That’s right, Oxyphenbutazone is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug – you already knew that – but it’s also the word that, in a single play, can give the highest possible score on a Scrabble board. The chances of it ever coming up are similar to the chances of winning this week’s lottery, as you’d need to join all seven of your tiles with eight already on the board across three triple word scores. Still, it’d be worth waiting for, scoring 1,778 points. You’d almost certainly win the game with that.

There’s no need to chase rainbows though; everyone loves Scrabble, so why not spend Scrabble Day with someone you like, in a friendly battle of words and wits? In the kingdom of Scrabble, the one ‘i’d man might be ‘king’, but the lady with the ‘q’ will definitely be queen.