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National Make Lunch Count Day is here to act as a reminder that people need to take a little more time during the lunch hour at work to eat, relax and enjoy themselves!

History of National Make Lunch Count Day

In today’s busy era of getting things done, people often turn lunchtime into something that is on-the-go, on-the-run, or in-a-hurry. While in the past the lunch hour may have been a time for people to take at least 60 minutes to relax, rest, and eat a hot meal, today’s version of lunch is often hurried and stressful. Some people often just grab an apple or some fast food to eat at their desks while they continue working.

National Make Lunch Count Day got its start in 2016 when the American restaurant chain TGI Fridays initiated the celebration of the day. The purpose of the day is to spread the word and raise awareness about the importance of taking advantage of lunch time for a happier and healthier work and life balance.

How to Celebrate National Make Lunch Count Day

Although lunch can happen pretty much any day of the year, National Make Lunch Count Day presents special opportunities for enjoying and celebrating this important meal of the day. Try implementing some of these ideas:

Go Out for Lunch

The most important objective for National Make Lunch Count Day is to take advantage of the full opportunity to enjoy as healthy and long a lunch as possible. Those who enjoy spending time with their coworkers might want to grab a friend from work and get out of the office. Perhaps it would be a good idea to eat out at a restaurant, like TGI Fridays, Chili’s or another spot that makes lunch delicious but also quick and easy.

Pack a Healthy Lunch

For those who only have a short lunch period where it’s not possible to go out, planning ahead and packing a healthy lunch to take to work with you can be a great way to celebrate the day. Or, even for those who have longer lunch hours but don’t want to waste time traveling, National Make Lunch Count Day can be celebrated by packing a healthy lunch, which can be slowly eaten and enjoyed.

Then, after eating, the rest of the lunch hour can be used to spend some time meditating or practicing breathing exercises to really make the most out of your time. Or perhaps it would be a great time to escape by bringing a book to work and reading a chapter or two of your favorite fantasy or fiction story.

Get the Whole Office Involved

One idea for observing National Make Lunch Count Day might be to get everyone at work involved. Share the fun by working ahead of time to get management to sanction the day – and perhaps the boss will even be the one to pay for lunch as an act of goodwill!

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