There’s something about a short girl, that delightfully compact and curvy phenomena that happens when a blessing of genetics realizes that less is more. It seems like evolution did them a favor and made up for their lack of vertical stature by packing those delightful frames with enough vim and vinegar to take on the world. They may be physically smaller, but they sure seem to live larger. Short Girls are all the rage, and Short Girl Appreciation Day is our opportunity to raise them up above the crowds.

History of Short Girl Appreciation Day
Short Girl Appreciation Day is an interesting phenomena, with a date that wanders based on a floating set of criteria. It’s determined by the number of times it is mentioned on various social media sites, making Short Girl Appreciation Day the only holiday that can happen multiple times a year! All of this began as part of a meme where “Today is Short Girl Appreciation Day” was announced and shared throughout various forms of social media. Using unique analyzing software, the day with the most posts of this type was tracked, and announced as Short Girl Appreciation Day, with the caveat that should another day exceed this number then a new Short Girl Appreciation Day would be announced!

How to Celebrate Short Girl Appreciation Day
No matter who you are, you have to hand it to the Short Girls (if only because they can’t reach it themselves.) Let Short Girl Appreciation Day be your inspiration to truly let these compact little gems know how much you appreciate them. Take your favorite short girl out to lunch, buy them a step-stool, or just generally let them know how awesome they are. If you know one of these beauties that is suffering from standard short-girl problems, then you can take this opportunity to help them out with that.

To really let them know how fantastic they are, you can also organize a party for your favorite pack of short-girls themed around those things that are small. Tiny cakes and cookies, even meals in small portions (but make sure there’s a lot of them, short girls can pack it away when they get a hunger on), and round it all up with a short girl fashion show. It’s bound to be interesting since so many of them have to shop in the children’s section!



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