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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou

Do you love literature? Do you feel you have an inner creative streak you’ve never yet acted on? Do you have a brilliant idea that you’re afraid isn’t long enough to make into an entire book, but that you really just want to finally write down? If so, Short Story Day could be your chance to discover a new passion and create something you can be proud of. You don’t have to have written anything before to start writing now.

After all, everyone has to start somewhere. All you need to become a writer is a pen and paper, or a computer, or a typewriter, if you will―the rest is entirely up to you. So if you have a story in you that’s waiting to be told, don’t wait and celebrate Short Story Day today!

The History of Short Story Day

As the name itself suggests, a sort story is a story that can be read in one sitting. As with many concepts in the realm of the humanities, it can be hard to determine exactly what qualifies as a short story, but most contemporary definitions tell us that a short story must have anywhere between 1,000 and 20,000 words. Short stories became especially popular in the late 1700s and early 1800s, with ones like Richard Cumberland’s “The Poisoner of Montremos” and Washington Irving’s “Rip van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” becoming instant classics. Some of the most famous short stories have also been written by authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Franz Kafka, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Leo Tolstoy and Stephen King.

How to Celebrate Short Story Day

As mentioned before, the absolute best way to celebrate Short Story day is to finally get that idea you’ve been toying around with in your mind on paper. Not everyone is destined to be a world-renowned writer, but you owe it to yourself to try, so no matter whether your idea is for a scare-filled horror story, a complex mystery, a funny little anecdote, or anything else… If you find that you enjoy writing, that first little short story may continue to evolve until it’s a collection of short stories. Or maybe you will get so into the art of storytelling that you will be inspired to continue to develop what was originally supposed to be a short story until it ends up being a complete novel? And then…who knows? It may just get published. But even if it doesn’t, you will have found a new hobby, something that allows you to express yourself, like other people paint and yet others photograph things that fascinate them.

If writing is something you don’t feel any desire to try, however, Short Story Day can still be an interesting and enjoyable experience that broadens your horizons. And because reading a shirt story does not take that much time, you can celebrate this day without having to take the day off work! “Harvey’s Dream”, a rather sad exploration of what Alzheimer’s disease does to a person, is considered by some to be one of Stephen King’s best short stories. “Romantic Weekend” by Mary Gaitskill is dangerously dark and sensual, and will let you know just how much you’ve been missing out on reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”. And if literature that evokes feelings of dread and tension, then Joyce Carol Oates’ “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” is guaranteed to raise all of the hairs on the back of your neck until the very last page.

All in all, this day is not just for writers, it is for everyone who appreciates the art that is good literature.