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While many people think that going out to eat by yourself is weird or just downright sad we think that it’s a great way to relax and indulge in a little self-care.

It just so happens that there are thousands of people out there who agree, and they get a holiday all to themselves to prove it!

Solo Diner’s Eat Out week is an opportunity to try that new restaurant, enjoy an old favorite, or just take a little time to finally get to pick where you go to eat all on your own.

History of Solo Diner’s Eat Out Week

For a long time people thought that eating out alone was something that only the truly desperate would do. Then came along Solo Diner’s Eat Out week to show that there are huge advantages to going out to have a delicious meal all by yourself.

Solo Diner’s Eat Out Week has been celebrated by Amanda Cohen, world-renowned NYC chef, at her restaurant Dirt Candy. During this week she provides great options for those dining out alone on the week of Valentine’s Day to ensure that those going solo aren’t punished for choosing a freer lifestyle.

From there the tradition has caught on in other restaurants, with more and more ‘Solo Diner’s Eat Out Week’ celebrations coming to restaurants everywhere.

So what are the benefits to eating out alone? For one thing there’s no argument over who pays the bill. Solo diner’s also don’t have to come to an agreement with anyone about where to eat, they eat where they want.

Finally these diners get the chance to sit back and relax at their favorite restaurant, take as long as they want to choose their meal, and linger over dessert until they’re finally ready to head back out into the world. Solo Diner’s Eat Out Week isn’t a consolation prize for the lonely, it’s a celebration for the Independent!

How To Celebrate Solo Diner’s Eat Out Week

Well obviously you need to go out and have a little me-time at your favorite restaurant, or finally take some time to explore that one you’ve had your eye on all this time!

You don’t need a guest to have a good time eating out, as Food Critic Ryan Sutton says “A restaurant should be a complete, entertaining, and intellectually captivating experience by itself.”

So take some time out to enjoy the finer things in life without having to share the experience, you deserve it!

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