Learn from yesterday’s barbecue, live for today’s barbecue, hope for tomorrow’s barbecue. The important thing is not to stop questioning why people would boil ribs…

Albert Einstein

Ok, so maybe that wasn’t actual Albert Einstein, but given that the man was a genius we’re certain that he would have agreed with the sentiment. Ribs were never meant to be boiled, especially not spareribs, they were intended to be served grilled short or long, over charcoal or gas, in the heat of summer. Spareribs Day recognizes this fundamental truth, that it isn’t Summer until you have a barbecue with spareribs.

History Of Spareribs Day

Spareribs are different from ‘just any rib’ by being cut from the lower portion of the pig, severed from the breastbone behind the shoulder. Cultures all over the world have enjoyed the rich succulent flavor of pork, and just about all of them have found a way to make the spareribs into something utterly delicious.

In Chinese Cuisine the ribs are typically cut quite short, 3-4in at most, and are then steamed, fried, or braised to perfection and served with a rich flavorful sauce. The Cantonese prepare them with a sweet and savory sauce, while the American Chinese prepare them char siu, skewered on long forks and cooked in a covered oven.

With America being such a melting pot, there are as many varieties of short ribs as there are sub-cultures and regions. It’s definitely the place to go for the most delicious ribs in the world!

Level up your ribs with these recipes and tips...

How To Celebrate Spareribs Day

Celebrating Spareribs Day is as simple as preparing your own spareribs! We could waste a lot of words here talking about anything else, but we know you want to get your teeth into this delicious treat!

Delicious Spare Ribs Recipe
1c dark brown sugar
½c fajita seasoning
2t Sweet Paprika
2 full racks trimmed spareribs
1c beer
3 cloves of minced garlic
1T honey
3T Worcestershire Sauce
1T Brown Mustard

Blend together the fajita seasoning, paprika, and brown sugar in a bowl, then rub down both sides of the spareribs with the mixture. Move the ribs to a 9×13 baking pan and place in the fridge overnight. The next day mix together the beer, honey, mustard, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce in a bowl, and preheat the oven to 250 degrees.

On two sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil, place the ribs meaty-side up, one per sheet. Then cover with another sheet of foil and seal the edges by folding them over. Just before it’s finished being sealed pour in the beer mixture and then close the seal.

Bake the ribs in the preheated over for 3-4 hours, then carefully drain the liquid from the packets and set the ribs to the side. Simmer the drippings until thickened, approximately 5 minutes, and brush this sauce over the ribs.

Broil for 5-7 minutes, cool, and serve!

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