It’s the bane of wool wearers, and the champion of older brothers. Static electricity has been experienced by all of us, whether we’re simply grabbing a door handle on a cool dry day, or experiencing the magnificence of natural lightning. Whether you got it from walking across a carpet in wool socks or from petting your friendly purr-box kitten, static electricity has occasionally added a little spark to your day.

History of Static Electricity Day

The origin of static electricity has long been an unconsidered mystery of youth. We knew enough about how it worked to generate it on demand, given the right materials, but not quite enough to truly explain how it worked. It just did. Let the mystery be unraveled!

Static electricity is formed when two insulators are rubbed together, generating a static field of imbalanced positive and negatively charged ions. When the now charged insulators come into contact with a conductor (like metal, for instance) the charge is released. And this is why you get shocked when you grab a door-handle after crossing a room in wool socks!

Air that is drier is far better for generating static electricity than humid air, hence why you tend to experience this phenomena more in winter than you do in summer. Static Electricity Day is your opportunity to really embrace this, and learn a bit more about it. For good or ill.

How to Celebrate Static Electricity Day

Celebrating Static Electricity Day is simple and fun! You can choose to be the imp of the perverse to your friends and family, or you can turn your attention to helping everyone avoid this sometimes unpleasant phenomena.
If you’re looking to be the deliverer of the micro-shock, then it’s time to choose your weapons. Dress in synthetic clothes, ensure that your shoes are made with rubber soles, don’t put on moisturizer, helping to provide a dry environment for the static to build, and stay out of contact with metals until you’re ready to strike. All of these will help you build up a charge to employ against your victims.

However, if you wish to be the angel of insulation, then advise your friends and family that leather soles are the appropriate choice to reduce static. Add in the aforementioned moisturizer, and natural fibers (except wool!) to help prevent static build-up. Most of all, let them know that keeping their hands on keys or a metal pen will help to painlessly release the static charge throughout the day, rather than letting it build up for a painful shock.

Happy Static Electricity Day!

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