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Super Chicken Wing Day is a day that unites chicken wing lovers to feast on their favorite treat every year on the second Sunday of February. This day is not just about indulging in a plate of delicious wings. Instead, it honors a culinary creation that has become a staple in American culture. It’s a favorite to eat during the biggest football game of the year — the Super Bowl. Coincidentally (or not?), Super Bowl Sunday usually coincides with Super Chicken Wing Day.

History of Super Chicken Wing Day

The story of Super Chicken Wing Day begins in the bustling kitchen of the Anchor Bar on Main Street, in Buffalo, New York. It was 1964, and Teressa Bellissimo, the bar’s co-owner, needed to whip up a quick and satisfying snack for her son and his friends. With a stroke of culinary genius, she took what was available — chicken wings, which she usually saved for soup stock — and transformed them into a mouth-watering delicacy. Teressa deep-fried the wings and tossed them in a special hot sauce, creating the first-ever batch of what we now know as Buffalo Chicken Wings.

The wings were an instant hit. Not only Teressa’s son and his friends fell head over heels for the chicken wings, but so did the Anchor Bar’s patrons. This newfound popularity led to an explosion in chicken wing consumption across the United States. By the 1980s, as the cost of chicken wings decreased, they became a common feature in bars and restaurants, often paired with sports broadcasts. This trend was further bolstered in the 1990s when fast-food giants like KFC and McDonald’s began adding wings to their menus.

The connection between chicken wings and football solidified when the Buffalo Bills made it to the Super Bowl four years in a row, starting in 1990. This association gave rise to the notion of celebrating chicken wings on game day. One thing led to another, ending with the inception of Super Chicken Wing Day. The day is a spin-off of National Chicken Wing Day, celebrated on July 29, commemorating the original creation of the Buffalo Wing.

How to Celebrate Super Chicken Wing Day

Celebrating Super Chicken Wing Day is all about indulgence, fun, and creativity. Here are some ways to make the most of this delicious day:

Have a Chicken Wing Cook-off

Gather your friends and family for a Super Chicken Wing Day wing-making competition. Encourage your friends to bring their unique recipes, whether it’s a family secret sauce or an experiment still in the works. From classic Buffalo to sweet and tangy BBQ, the varieties are endless. Don’t forget to have a panel of ‘wing judges’ to crown the best wing chef!

Explore New Flavors

Use Super Chicken Wing Day the chance to explore new wing flavors and cooking methods. Take some new recipes for a test drive. Think honey-garlic glazed wings, spicy Korean-style wings, or even vegetarian wing alternatives. It’s a day to be adventurous with your palate.

Host a Chicken Wing Eating Contest

For the truly daring, organize a Super Chicken Wing Day eating contest. Set a timer and see who can eat the most wings. Remember, it’s all in good fun, so ensure plenty of water is on hand. Don’t forget to have some full-fat milk available to cleanse the palate after those spicy selections.

Throw a Wing Pairing Party

Wings and drinks are a classic combo. Host a chicken wing and beverage pairing party where guests can match different types of wings with various beverages. Think beyond beer – consider wine, cocktails, or even non-alcoholic options like artisanal sodas.

Educational Wing Night

Turn the celebration into a learning experience. Share the history of the Buffalo wing with your guests, and perhaps screen a documentary on the evolution of American food culture, highlighting the role of chicken wings.

Support Local Businesses

Visit your local wing joints or order in from them. It’s a great way to support local businesses while enjoying some professionally cooked wings.

Wing-Themed Crafts and Games

Families with little ones can create wing-themed crafts or organize games. Think of activities like making wing-shaped decorations or a ‘pin the wing on the chicken’ game.

Share on Social Media

Don’t keep your Super Chicken Wing Day adventures to yourself – share them on your social channels. Use the hashtag #SuperChickenWingDay to share your celebrations, recipes, and wing-eating triumphs on social media. It’s a great way to connect with fellow wing lovers and spread the joy of this delicious day.

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