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Dangerous, exciting and alluring, International Sword Swallower’s Day showcases the art of sword swallowing. Every year, the Sword Swallowers Association International organizes events in association with Ripley Entertainment. Is it even necessary to tell everyone not to try this at home? But it’s certainly fun to watch the professionals do it!

History of International Sword Swallower’s Day

Originating around 4000 years ago in India, sword swallowing was practiced by certain religious priests who also developed the skill of fire-walking, snake-handling and other ascetic religious practices.

In more modern times, sword-swallowing has been a form of mystery and entertainment. For instance, in 1933, the original Ripley’s Believe It or Not at the World’s Fair in Chicago hosted three sword swallowers who performed at the event.

Some of the rules for sword swallowing make this form of entertainment important. For instance, the sword must be 16 inches long and the tip of the sword needs to be entered into the oral cavity and pass all the way down into the stomach.

International Sword Swallower’s Day was founded by the Sword Swallowers Association International in 2002 and has been celebrated every year ever since. Starting in 2009, Ripley’s Believe It or Not has been a co-sponsor of the event. And this is such a fun and super unique reason to celebrate!

How to Celebrate International Sword Swallower’s Day

Take a little bit of time to celebrate this unique day with some interesting ideas. Consider implementing some of these fun ways for celebrating International Sword Swallower’s Day:

Head Out to a Sword Swallowing Event

Celebrate International Sword Swallower’s Day by going to an event in honor of the occasion. Find an event locally by doing a quick internet search, or check out a Ripley’s Believe It or Not location in places all over the world, where various unique and interesting entertainment activities are always on the schedule.

In fact, in some previous years, Ripley’s Believe It or Not has hosted free sword swallowing events in honor of International Sword Swallower’s Day! These Ripley’s locations can be found in several places throughout the United States, as well as in England, Mexico, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and several other fascinating places.

Learn Some Facts About Sword Swallowing

Many people don’t know much about sword swallowing, but what could be a better day to learn a little bit about it? International Sword Swallower’s Day is a great opportunity to dispel some myths and learn something interesting about the art of swallowing swords. Get started with some of these:

  • Sword swallowing is a rare skill. In fact, only 1 in 250 million people knows how to swallow a sword! This means that there are less than a few dozen sword swallowers left performing in the world today.

  • Some people think that sword swallowers, before swallowing the actual sword, first swallow a long sheath to protect themselves. But this is actually a myth.

  • To learn how to swallow swords, many people start with a coat hanger that is made into the shape of a sword, to get used to the skill.

  • Sore throats are a common side effect of sword swallowing. Other injuries might include puncturing the stomach or the esophagus.

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