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Encouraging youth to be empowered by standing out, speaking up, and taking control, this day of action is all about fighting against Big Tobacco! 

History of Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action

The background of Take Down Tobacco Day can be followed back to 1996 when it was founded under a different name – the Kick Butts campaign. The original event was held by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids with the purpose of encouraging young people to speak out against the tobacco industry and advocate for policies that will reduce smoking in youths. The hope was, and continues to be, for a tobacco free generation.

In the following years, the statistics of youth cigarette smokers did actually decrease, but other new products (like e-cigarettes) that encouraged the use of dangerous and addictive tobacco took their place. By 2019, a rebranding took shape and the Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action emerged in its place.

Today, the Take Down Tobacco campaign continues to be a campaign that encourages youth-focused and youth-led projects, including the Day of Action that acts as a show of momentum and power against the tobacco industry.

How to Celebrate Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action

Show some care for the next generation and fight against the tobacco industry by getting involved with Take Down Tobacco Day using some of these ideas:

Host a Take Down Tobacco Day Event

College students, teens, and kids, along with their parents, teachers and other community leaders can get involved with the National Day of Action by hosting an event to raise awareness and increase education around the issues of tobacco. This could include educational assemblies in schools, events for youth groups or other awareness raising activities in and around the community.

Those who are hosting events and would like resources or toolkits for the day can check out the Take Down Tobacco campaign website. Various free resources include advocacy action maps, posters, sign-on resources for elected leaders, postcards and more. 

Learn Facts About the Tobacco Industry 

An important way to get involved with the Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action is to be knowledgeable and educated about the issue. This is important in holding regular conversations with family members or colleagues, as well as in engaging with political leaders to help in the fight against the tobacco industry. Consider some of these facts about the ways that the tobacco industry works to get kids to use and get addicted to their products:

  • Scientific evidence shows that advertising and promotions from the tobacco industry influence young people to start using tobacco.

  • Offering candy-flavored and fruit-flavored products are a specific way that the tobacco industry is preying on young people using blueberry, bubblegum and even flavors from kids’ cereals.

  • Rock stars, actors and other famous celebrities kids love (like Nick Jonas and Red Hot Chili Peppers) have been used to endorse tobacco products, which encourages kids to be like their heroes.

  • The tobacco industry often uses contests or sweepstakes to get people hooked, as if using tobacco products is just a fun game and a potentially life-altering addiction.

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